$ 22,000

2By2 is now offering more fun and more cash - 7 Days a week!

Beginning with the drawing on February 22nd, 2by2 can be played 7 days per week with a new top prize of $22,000. Plus, as a special new offering, buy multi-draws in increments of 7 draws and you can double all prizes won on Tuesday.  

When you purchase a multi-draw 2by2 ticket FOR EACH DAY OF THE WEEK, that's one or more plays for seven consecutive draws or increments of seven draws, your ticket qualifies for the 2by2 Tuesday Double option.

For example, if you purchase a seven draw ticket-one ticket with the same play (set of numbers) for each day of the week-and you win the $22,000 JACKPOT on the Tuesday draw, your jackpot prize increases to $44,000! *  Not only the jackpot, but any prize won on TUESDAY, will DOUBLE!

* The information above is only a summary. For more details, check out the 2by2 Prizes and Odds page and see you local lottery for complete game Rules and Regulations.


Two times the Fun!

Kansas and Nebraska and North Dakota lottery players can play 2by2 Monday through Sunday. It's easy, it's fun and it only costs $1. All you have to do is pick two red numbers from 1-26 and two white numbers from 1-26. There are 8 ways to win. You could win a free play all the way up to a top prize of $22,000! From Kansas 2 Nebraska 2 North Dakota 2by2 is 2 much fun from Monday 2 Sunday!

Kansas Lottery’s Fast 5 leads to $22,000 Cash Prize for Garfield Resident
For the last couple of months, Gary Froetschner has been purchasing the Kansas Lottery's Fast 5 sampler twice a week. The $6 Fast 5 sampler includes Quick Pick tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Super Kansas Cash and 2by2. When checking his Fast 5 tickets from the October 14 drawings, Froetschner received a big surprise. He had matched both Red numbers 2 and 8 and both White numbers 6 and 21 in that night's 2by2 drawing, winning a $22,000 cash prize!

"I've never played 2by2 until I started buying the Fast 5 sampler," said the lucky winner. "I've won several free tickets and other small prizes playing the game. I never expected to win $22,000!"

Froetschner didn't realize he was holding the $22,000 winning ticket until a couple of weeks after the October 14 drawing.

"I was busy harvesting and cutting milo," said Froetschner. "When I checked my tickets at the bar where I always buy my tickets, I thought something was wrong with the self-checker because a message came up that said to sign the back of my ticket and claim it at the Lottery. I asked the bar's owner to check my ticket and when he scanned it, he looked at me and said, 'You just won big money!' To celebrate, I bought a round of drinks for everyone."

Froetschner and his wife Brenda, who have been married 37 years, have three grown children and four grandchildren. They plan to build a new deck on their house and purchase a hot tub with their winnings.
Baileyville Resident Wins $22,000 on Free 2by2 Ticket!
Martha Dalinghaus, 52, has never been so happy about winning a free ticket. It was a free 2by2 ticket that won her $22,000 in the August 3 drawing!

"I play all the lottery games and have been since the beginning of the Lottery," said the Baileyville winner. "When I went to the store Monday, I had matched one number in a previous 2by2 drawing, and the prize for that was a free 2by2 ticket."

That free ticket turned out to be very timely for Dalinghaus when she matched both Red numbers 14 and 17 and both White numbers 4 and 19 in that night's 2by2 drawing.

"I'm pretty low key," she said. "So when I checked the ticket myself and realized I must have won $22,000 because the machine said the prize had to be claimed at the Lottery, I didn't say anything to anyone in the store. I thought I'd better tell my husband first."

Dalinghaus and her husband Joe are lifelong Kansans who farm near Baileyville. Martha is also the owner of CMT Designs in Seneca, a small t-shirt screen printing business. The Dalinghauses were high school sweethearts and just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. They have three grown sons and eight grandchildren.

The big winner says she and her husband will use the prize money to pay bills and also to help out a very close friend who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. "We're organizing a fundraiser for her, and this will really help," said Dalinghaus.

The Dalinghaus Family has seen some challenges of their own. Joe was very badly hurt in an industrial accident several years ago and suffered nearly fatal encephalitis in 2012.

"We're very thankful for everything we have," said Dalinghaus. "It's an awesome feeling to win this kind of money and it will really come in handy."

Dalinghaus got her lucky 2by2 ticket at Seneca Travel Shop, located at 503 North Street in Seneca.
Blue Hill Woman Wins $22,000 Playing 2by2
Janice Pavelka of Blue Hill won $22,000 playing the Nebraska Lottery's 2by2 Lotto game.

Pavelka purchased her ticket at Allen's of Hastings, 115 West 2nd Street in Hastings. Pavelka, who says she's been playing 2by2 since it began in 2002, almost always buys her tickets there.

2by2 is a Lotto game in which players choose four numbers, two red and two white. The top prize, $22,000, is won by matching all four numbers. 2by2, which is also played in Kansas and North Dakota, has nightly drawings.

While claiming her prize on April 14, Pavelka told Lottery officials her winning numbers were a combination of her sons' birthdays.
Papillion Man Wins $22,000 Playing 2by2
There were 15,000 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Friday, March 27 drawings. Among these winners was Ross, who purchased his winning ticket at Casey's General Store, 609 Magnolia Avenue in Papillion. The quick pick ticket contained one play with the winning red ball numbers (10, 23) and winning white ball numbers (4, 12) from the March 27 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.

While claiming his prize on March 30, Ross told Nebraska Lottery officials that he's no stranger to winning, having previously won $100 on a 2by2 ticket purchased at the same Casey's General Store. "I told them I'd be back for the big one sometime," said Ross. He learned he had won the $22,000 top prize after seeing the winning numbers in the Omaha World-Herald. "I said to myself, 'Those look like my numbers,'" said Ross. "Then I called my wife and asked her, 'How much do you win for getting four numbers?' She couldn’t believe it." He plans to pay for a cruise using his winnings.
Omaha Man Wins $22,000 Playing 2by2
Charles Kudlacz of Omaha won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were 6,784 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Thursday, January 22 drawings. Among these winners was Kudlacz, who purchased his winning ticket at Hy-Vee, 5150 Center Street in Omaha. The quick pick ticket was good for five draws and contained the winning red ball numbers (22, 24) and winning white ball numbers (2, 19) from the January 22 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.

Three hundred and forty-one Nebraska Lottery players have won the 2by2 top prize to date.

While claiming his prize on February 10, Kudlacz told Nebraska Lottery officials he learned he had won after checking the Nebraska Lottery website, nelottery.com. “I was surprised of course, but I’ve been playing since the beginning of the game,” said Kudlacz. “The laws of probability finally caught up with me.” He stated that he planned to use his winnings to have fun with his family.
Laurel Man Win $22,013 Playing 2by2
Donald Diediker of Laurel won a total of $22,013 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 1,900 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Sunday, October 12 drawing. Among these winners was Diediker, who purchased his winning 2by2 ticket at Rath's Mini Mart, 206 Highway 20 in Laurel. The ticket contained five plays and was good for seven draws. One play on the ticket contained the winning red ball numbers (6, 20) and winning white ball numbers (1, 9) from the October 12 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.

Because Diediker purchased a multi-draw ticket, he also matched one white ball number and one red ball number in the October 8 and October 9 drawings for $3 each. Diediker also won seven free $1 plays on the ticket for a total prize of $22,013.

While claiming his prize on October 30, Diediker told Nebraska Lottery officials that he uses family birthdays to choose his 2by2 numbers. He learned he had won after checking the Nebraska Lottery website, nelottery.com. "I went to the website, and I thought, 'Those look like my numbers," said Diediker. He plans to purchase a car using his winnings.
Crete Woman Receives Free Ticket, Wins $22,000 2by2 Prize
Jacque Rue of Crete won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 22,000 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Tuesday, October 28 drawings. Among these winners was Rue, who received her winning ticket at Crete Foodmart, 925 Main Street in Crete. She received the ticket for free because at the time a Lottery promotion generated a free 2by2 quick pick ticket with each $5 Nebraska Pick 5 purchase. Rue's 2by2 ticket contained the winning red ball numbers (4, 13) and winning white ball numbers (7, 25) from the October 28 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.
Salina Resident Wins $22,000 2by2 Top Prize Playing Fast 5 Sampler
Last Friday, Mike Lagerman of Salina started off his weekend by purchasing a Kansas Lottery Fast 5 sampler, which gave him a $1 Quick Pick ticket on each of five different lottery games – Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Super Kansas Cash and 2by2. The 43-year-old ended his weekend winning a $22,000 top prize after matching all numbers in the September 12 2by2 drawing! The winning numbers were Red 12 and 14 and White 05 and 17.

"I buy a Fast 5 sampler every Wednesday and Friday because I think it's an easier way to buy tickets," said Lagerman. "On Sunday mornings, I meet a group of guys for coffee at a local convenience store. While I'm there I always check my tickets. When I checked my 2by2 ticket Sunday morning the self-checker read, 'Sign back of ticket. Claim at Lottery.' Since I'd never seen that message before, I asked one of the ladies working if she would check my ticket. She about had a cow when she realized I had won $22,000."

After signing the back of his winning ticket, Lagerman went home to share the good news with his wife Joni.

"When I got home, Joni was surprised I was home so early," said Lagerman. "She was really surprised when I showed her my winning ticket. After putting it in a safe place, I went back to the store and finished having coffee with my friends. Everyone was very happy and excited I had won."

The Lagermans, who have four children together, have been married two years. They recently purchased a new home and plan to use their winnings to pay off household items they purchased.
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