$ 22,000


2By2 is now offering more fun and more cash - 7 Days a week!

Beginning with the drawing on February 22nd, 2by2 can be played 7 days per week with a new top prize of $22,000. Plus, as a special new offering, buy multi-draws in increments of 7 draws and you can double all prizes won on Tuesday.  

When you purchase a multi-draw 2by2 ticket FOR EACH DAY OF THE WEEK, that's one or more plays for seven consecutive draws or increments of seven draws, your ticket qualifies for the 2by2 Tuesday Double option.

For example, if you purchase a seven draw ticket-one ticket with the same play (set of numbers) for each day of the week-and you win the $22,000 JACKPOT on the Tuesday draw, your jackpot prize increases to $44,000! *  Not only the jackpot, but any prize won on TUESDAY, will DOUBLE!

* The information above is only a summary. For more details, check out the 2by2 Prizes and Odds page and see you local lottery for complete game Rules and Regulations.


Two times the Fun!

Kansas and Nebraska and North Dakota lottery players can play 2by2 Monday through Sunday. It's easy, it's fun and it only costs $1. All you have to do is pick two red numbers from 1-26 and two white numbers from 1-26. There are 8 ways to win. You could win a free play all the way up to a top prize of $22,000! From Kansas 2 Nebraska 2 North Dakota 2by2 is 2 much fun from Monday 2 Sunday!

Salina Resident Wins $22,000 2by2 Top Prize Playing Fast 5 Sampler
Last Friday, Mike Lagerman of Salina started off his weekend by purchasing a Kansas Lottery Fast 5 sampler, which gave him a $1 Quick Pick ticket on each of five different lottery games Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Super Kansas Cash and 2by2. The 43-year-old ended his weekend winning a $22,000 top prize after matching all numbers in the September 12 2by2 drawing! The winning numbers were Red 12 and 14 and White 05 and 17.

"I buy a Fast 5 sampler every Wednesday and Friday because I think it's an easier way to buy tickets," said Lagerman. "On Sunday mornings, I meet a group of guys for coffee at a local convenience store. While I'm there I always check my tickets. When I checked my 2by2 ticket Sunday morning the self-checker read, 'Sign back of ticket. Claim at Lottery.' Since I'd never seen that message before, I asked one of the ladies working if she would check my ticket. She about had a cow when she realized I had won $22,000."

After signing the back of his winning ticket, Lagerman went home to share the good news with his wife Joni.

"When I got home, Joni was surprised I was home so early," said Lagerman. "She was really surprised when I showed her my winning ticket. After putting it in a safe place, I went back to the store and finished having coffee with my friends. Everyone was very happy and excited I had won."

The Lagermans, who have four children together, have been married two years. They recently purchased a new home and plan to use their winnings to pay off household items they purchased.
Lindsay Man Wins $22,000 2by2 Prize
Gerald McPhillips of Lindsay recently won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 7,500 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Wednesday, October 2 drawings. McPhillips' winning 2by2 ticket was purchased at Hy-Vee, 3010 23rd Street in Columbus. The quick pick ticket was good for seven draws and contained one play with the winning red ball numbers (3, 15) and winning white ball numbers (7, 20) from the October 2 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.

Three hundred and six Nebraska Lottery players have won the 2by2 top prize to date.

While claiming his prize on October 8, McPhillips told Nebraska Lottery officials that his wife, Deb, purchased the winning ticket for him. He learned he had won after checking the Nebraska Lottery website, nelottery.com. "When I saw those numbers, at first I thought, 'Are those the right numbers?' I couldn't believe it," said McPhillips. He plans to pay bills using his winnings.
Peru, Kansas Man Wins $22,000 on Free 2by2 Ticket
Many Kansas Lottery players enjoy playing 2by2 because it's fairly easy to match one number and win a free ticket. Bobby Pappen is one of those players. He loves free 2by2 tickets, especially the free ticket that won him $22,000 in the July 1 drawing! Pappen won the prize by matching both Red numbers 14 and 18 and both White numbers 06 and 08.

Pappen and his wife Alice traveled to Lottery headquarters in Topeka today from their home in Peru, Kansas, near Coffeyville, to claim the $22,000 prize. Pappen told Lottery officials he has always enjoyed playing lottery games.

"I play 2by2 every day, but I never figured I'd win a prize like this," Pappen said. "I was shocked!"

Pappen, who has a heart condition, said he was so shocked after he found out he'd won $22,000 that he had to take a nitroglycerin pill.

"Needless to say, he was very, very excited," Alice Pappen said.

Alice said she kept the winning ticket in her wallet until they could come to Lottery headquarters to claim it. The Pappens celebrated their 37th anniversary last month. They have one grown son, and they also count five dogs as part of their family.

"We're going to use this prize money to fix the roof of our home, do some other repairs and build a fence for our dogs," they said.

The $22,000 2by2 ticket was purchased at Conoco Phillips, located at 512 Northeast Street in Coffeyville.
Hutchinson Business Owner Wins Second $22,000 Lottery Prize in Three Months!
Perry Rice, 47, of Hutchinson, Kansas is the first to admit he's having incredible lottery luck this year. On March 4, he won $22,000 playing 2by2 when his ticket matched both Red and both White numbers. Amazingly, he did the same thing May 26! His 2by2 ticket again matched both Red and both White numbers and won him a second $22,000 grand prize.

"I don't know how I got to be so lucky, but I hope it continues," said Rice. "The Lottery sure has been good to me this year." Rice said he buys a $25 2by2 ticket every single day and always picks his own numbers. He often wins free tickets for matching one number.

"That's one thing I really like about 2by2 you win a lot of free tickets," he said. It was, in fact, a free ticket on which Rice won $22,000 this week. In his March 4 win, Rice picked his own numbers.

"Some of the numbers I use have personal meaning and some are just numbers I like, but I always play the exact same numbers," he disclosed. "If I was giving advice to other players, I'd tell them to do like I do and play consistently. I also look at the frequency charts in Kansas Winners to see which numbers come up the most." Kansas Winners is a free newsletter published quarterly by the Kansas Lottery and available at all Lottery retailers.

Rice is a lifelong Kansan and the owner of Rice's Exhaust Service in Hutchinson. He plans to use his latest prize money to become debt-free.

Rice's free 2by2 ticket, which turned into a $22,000 winner, was printed at 4th & Whiteside Station, located at 828 W. 4th Avenue in Hutchinson.
McPherson Resident's Fast 5s Purchase leads to $22,000 Win
According to Christopher Higgins of McPherson, if it wasn't for the Kansas Lottery's "Fast 5s Sampler", which includes a $2 Powerball ticket, $1 Mega Millions ticket, $1 Hot Lotto ticket, $1 Super Kansas Cash ticket and a $1 2by2 ticket, he probably wouldn't have ever tried his luck playing 2by2. The McPherson resident is glad he made the Fast 5s purchase last week after winning a $22,000 top prize playing 2by2!

Higgins won the top prize by matching both Red numbers 08 and 14 and both White numbers 04 and 24 in the April 23 drawing.

"After work last Friday, I stopped at a convenience store to check my tickets and happened to run into my sister's mother-in-law," said Higgins. "As we were talking, I was scanning my tickets and was excited when I realized I had won $4 on one of the games I played. When I scanned my 2by2 ticket, the scanner instructed me to sign the back of my ticket. Since I had never seen that message before, my sister's mother-in-law told me I should sign the back of the ticket and we asked a store clerk to scan it on their lottery terminal. When the clerk told me how much I had won I was dumbstruck. I didn't think I was hearing her correctly."

Once the shock of the win turned to extreme excitement, Higgins drove the few blocks to his mom's house to share the good news.

"She was sitting out on her deck relaxing when I arrived," explained Higgins. "When I told her how much I had won, she didn't believe me. She said I had a sheepish look and made me repeat myself several times before it finally sank in how much I had won."

In order to claim his prize at Lottery headquarters in Topeka, Higgins called his boss and asked for the day off.

"She didn't believe it either," said Higgins. "I finally had to put my mom on the phone to convince her. Since we had been acting silly at work earlier in the day, she thought I was pulling a prank."

Higgins, who works as a staffing supervisor for Kelly Services in McPherson, plans to give a portion of his winnings to two small churches his dad used to minister to and buy a few family members special gifts.

"We have a lot of Tauruses in the family, so we have a lot of upcoming birthdays," said Higgins. "Now I can buy them decent gifts this year."

The winning ticket was purchased at KAPS 1004, located at 1340 N. Main St. in McPherson.
$22,000 2by2 Prize for Lincoln Woman
Lori Crowder of Lincoln recently won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 13,000 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Wednesday, August 24, drawings. Among these winners was Crowder, who purchased a quick pick 2by2 ticket at U-Stop, 110 West Fletcher Avenue in Lincoln. The ticket contained the winning red ball numbers (16, 17) and winning white ball numbers (23, 25) from the August 24 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.

Two hundred and fifty-five Nebraska Lottery players have won the 2by2 top prize to date.

Crowder wasted no time claiming her prize, arriving at Nebraska Lottery headquarters the day after the drawing. Crowder told Nebraska Lottery officials that she normally does not purchase 2by2 tickets, but she wanted to enter her non-winning tickets in the Nebraska Football Road Trip Second-Chance Contest at nelottery.com. "I've been playing 2by2 because I wanted to win a football trip," said Crowder.

"I never imagined I'd win anything on the tickets." She plans to pay for some home improvements using her winnings.
Kansas Resident's Lucky Streak Continues with $22,004 Win
David Howell enjoys playing Keno so much he is known as "Keno Dave" among family and friends. The Wichita resident has been on a lucky streak lately, winning five 6-spot Keno cash prizes for a total of approximately $11,000. After today, he might also be known as "2by2 Dave." Howell matched both Red numbers 08 and 15 and both White numbers 05 and 13 in the August 6 2by2 drawing, winning a $22,000 top prize!

In addition to the $22,000 top prize, Howell also matched one Red number 08 and one White number 05, winning $3 on his $5 2by2 ticket. Plus, he matched one Red number on another play bringing his total winnings to $22,004!

"I play all lottery games every day," said Howell. "If you don't play, you can't win. I play so often, I teach other people how to play. Sometimes, I'll share a ticket with one of the store clerks. If we win, we split the prize. I think being generous brings you luck."

According to Howell, when he was at Lottery headquarters in Topeka last Monday to claim a Keno cash prize, he told Lottery officials he was going to be back with another big win.

"When I left, I said I was going to be back soon with a 2by2 prize," said Howell. "I just didn't think it was going to be this soon. Maybe my luck will continue and I'll be back again next Monday."

Howell, who has three children, plans to use part of his winnings to purchase textbooks for one of his daughters, who is attending Wichita State University this fall.

The winning ticket was purchased at Presto 1638, located at 2001 S. Oliver in Wichita.
Weeping Water Woman Wins Double 2by2 Top Prize
Marsha Nehring of Weeping Water recently won a total of $44,000 playing Nebraska 2by2 with the 2by2 Tuesday feature.

There were more than 8,000 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Tuesday, July 5, drawings. Among these winners was Nehring, who purchased her winning 2by2 ticket at Stop 'N Shop, 300 West Eldora Avenue in Weeping Water. The ticket was good for seven draws and contained the winning red ball numbers (4, 10) and winning white ball numbers (22, 25) from the July 5 drawing for a corresponding prize of $22,000.

Because Nehring purchased a seven-day multi-draw ticket, her ticket was eligible for the 2by2 Tuesday feature where all prizes won on Tuesdays are doubled, making her $22,000 prize $44,000.

Two hundred and fifty-three Nebraska Lottery players have won the 2by2 top prize to date. Nehring is the second person in Nebraska to win a doubled top prize since the 2by2 Tuesday feature was launched in February 2008.

While claiming her prize on July 7, Nehring told Nebraska Lottery officials that she learned she had won after returning to Stop 'N Shop to check her tickets. "When the clerk told me I'd won, I said 'You're kidding me,'" said Nehring. She plans to pay bills using her winnings.
  Overbrook Resident Claims TWO $22,000 Cash Prizes!
An Overbrook resident has claimed not one, but two $22,000 cash prizes playing 2by2! The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, won $22,000 in the July 15 drawing and the next day, July 16, the winner won another $22,000 cash prize!

"Last Thursday, I won $130 playing 2by2, so I bought $50 worth of tickets for Friday's drawing," explained the winner. "I watch the news every night and knew right away I had won when they showed the winning numbers."

The next day, the winner had the rest of his 2by2 tickets checked and discovered he had also won 14 Free tickets in addition to his $22,000 prize.

"On one of the Free tickets I received for Saturday's drawing, I won $22,000," said the winner. "I couldn't believe it. Winning $22,000 in two days is unbelievable!"

According to the Overbrook resident, luck has always been on his side. In 2001, he won $1 million at a casino on a progressive jackpot slot machine. After that win, his luck continued.

"I won $11,800 at the casino a month after I won the $1 million," said the winner. "I've also won several $5,000 prizes, too."

Besides winning at the casino, the Overbrook resident has had good luck playing Kansas Lottery games before. In 2008, he claimed a $22,000 cash prize playing 2by2.

"2by2 seems to be my lucky game," said the winner. "I've definitely been blessed. Winning $44,000 came at a great time with this economy."

After paying tags and taxes on vehicles, the winner said the rest will go into a savings account.

The winning tickets were purchased at Overbrook Gas & Convenience, located at 403 E. 8th St. in Overbrook and Davenport Retail Liquor, located at 205 N. Topeka in Carbondale.
Nervous Mayetta Couple Waits for Lottery Office to Open
William and Sandy Crites of Mayetta were very nervous sitting in the parking lot of Kansas Lottery headquarters at 7:45 this morning, waiting for the Claims Office to open.

"We were still trying to figure out if it was real or not!" said Sandy Crites. "We never win anything, and we never dreamed we would be coming to this office."

The couple didn't have to wait long to find out it was no dream. When they entered the Lottery office at 8:00, they found out they really had won $22,000 playing 2by2. Their Quick Pick ticket for the Saturday, May 14, drawing matched both Red numbers 6 and 26 and both White numbers 17 and 20. William Crites says on Wednesdays and Saturdays he typically purchases one ticket each for 2by2, Powerball, Super Kansas Cash and Hot Lotto.

"We must have checked the numbers about a dozen times on the Internet," said William Crites. "This is pretty exciting." Sandy Crites says she is especially excited that she can cancel the call she made to the bank last week.

"I was going to see if we could borrow money to build a shed," she said. "Now we can pay for it ourselves, and maybe get a new lawn mower, too."

William Crites works for Wal-Mart in Topeka. Sandy Crites is employed by Wolfe's Camera Shop. The lucky 2by2 ticket was purchased at Gas & Shop 1, located at 1900 NW Topeka Blvd. in Topeka.
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