Stephen and Tana Harrod

July 1, 2015


Hard-working Couple from Piedmont Bring Home $9.85 Million Paycheck!

A couple from Piedmont, Kansas, who describe themselves as living paycheck-to-paycheck are getting a paycheck from the Kansas Lottery that is beyond their wildest dreams!! Stephen and Tana Harrod are the state's newest lottery multi-millionaires after hitting a $9.85 million jackpot playing Hot Lotto! The lucky winners had the single ticket that matched all winning numbers in the July 1 drawing.

"We're just kind of walking around in a daze," said Stephen Harrod. "You dream about what you'd do if you won big money in the lottery, but you never actually believe it will happen to you."

"When Steve called me this morning after he checked our ticket at the store I didn't believe him!" said Tana Harrod. "It's unreal!"

The Harrods will receive the entire $9.85 million jackpot in a cash lump sum, with the Lottery paying all the initial federal and state income withholding taxes on the jackpot. That's a unique aspect of the Hot Lotto game.

The Harrods, who have five children and four grandchildren, work nine jobs between them. Stephen has been employed as a mechanic at Frank Bills Trucking for more than 20 years. He also has another part-time job, and estimates he works more than 70 hours a week. Tana, who works at Flint Oak hunting facility, also cleans houses for several people and works as many as 80 hours a week.

"We've both always worked hard to make ends meet," said the couple.

The Harrods both say they will continue to work, despite their newfound wealth.

Their plans for their millions include buying a new vehicle and a new lawn mower, stashing money away for college for children and grandchildren, and making investments for the future.