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Tickets for Hot Lotto were sold in Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Please check with your local lottery for the deadline on claiming Hot Lotto prizes.

Hard-working Couple from Piedmont Bring Home $9.85 Million Paycheck!
A couple from Piedmont, Kansas, who describe themselves as living paycheck-to-paycheck are getting a paycheck from the Kansas Lottery that is beyond their wildest dreams!! Stephen and Tana Harrod are the state's newest lottery multi-millionaires after hitting a $9.85 million jackpot playing Hot Lotto! The lucky winners had the single ticket that matched all winning numbers in the July 1 drawing.

"We're just kind of walking around in a daze," said Stephen Harrod. "You dream about what you'd do if you won big money in the lottery, but you never actually believe it will happen to you."

"When Steve called me this morning after he checked our ticket at the store I didn't believe him!" said Tana Harrod. "It's unreal!"

The Harrods will receive the entire $9.85 million jackpot in a cash lump sum, with the Lottery paying all the initial federal and state income withholding taxes on the jackpot. That's a unique aspect of the Hot Lotto game.

The Harrods, who have five children and four grandchildren, work nine jobs between them. Stephen has been employed as a mechanic at Frank Bills Trucking for more than 20 years. He also has another part-time job, and estimates he works more than 70 hours a week. Tana, who works at Flint Oak hunting facility, also cleans houses for several people and works as many as 80 hours a week.

"We've both always worked hard to make ends meet," said the couple.

The Harrods both say they will continue to work, despite their newfound wealth. Their plans for their millions include buying a new vehicle and a new lawn mower, stashing money away for college for children and grandchildren, and making investments for the future.

The store that sold the lucky ticket was Tripco Enterprises, Inc., located at the junction of Highways 400 and 99 in Severy, Kansas. For selling the jackpot-winning Hot Lotto ticket, the store becomes eligible for a $2,500 selling bonus. Severy and Piedmont are in southern Greenwood County.
Bethel Couple Wins $11,710,000 Taxes-Paid Jackpot
Bethel couple Joe and Rhonda Meath are Minnesota's latest multi-million dollar lottery winners. Rhonda said she always knew Joe would win. "He's lucky," she said. "I didn't think it would be quite this big," she conceded.

Just before noon on Saturday, Joe, a regular Hot Lotto� player, purchased a 10-line Hot Lotto ticket at Corner Express, located at 4825 Viking Blvd. N.E. in East Bethel. He put the ticket in the visor of his truck and did not think about it again until he checked the winning numbers on the Lottery's website around 10 p.m. and noticed that the Hot Ball� was 19, which he recognized as one of the numbers on his ticket. On that same line, he knew that he also had the winning numbers 1-2-3. Thinking he'd won "maybe $1,000" he decided he'd better get the ticket out of his truck. "My daughter was using the truck the next day," he said.

Once he had retrieved the ticket from his truck, he saw that it also matched the final two winning numbers 25 and 30. "I sat there for about an hour [checking and re-checking the ticket]," said Joe. "Then I woke Rhonda up." After Rhonda looked at the ticket, they called three of their four children to share the good news. The fourth had a test scheduled the next morning and they did not want to disturb her sleep.

The couple does not have many plans yet, but Rhonda is planning on getting a new vehicle. Joe says he is happy with his truck that has about 280,000 miles and plans to keep it. They also plan to give a donation to the St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation, for which Rhonda is a volunteer. "They have a class coming up and 100 percent of the donation goes to the dogs," she explained.

Joe (53) has been retired from Xcel Energy for about 3 � years and Rhonda (51) is a server at Lake Elmo Inn. She said that she likes her job and does not have any plans to retire.
Yates Center Resident Claims "Sizzling" Prize Worth $90,000!
A Yates Center resident has claimed a sizzling prize worth $90,000 in Saturday night's Hot Lotto drawing! The lucky winner, who declined publicity, matched the first five Hot Lotto numbers, but not the Hot Ball, playing a $10 Quick Pick ticket.

"I've been playing Hot Lotto since Kansas started selling the game," said the winner. "I've always added Sizzler to my tickets. My thinking has always been if I were to win, I might as well try to win as much as possible."

The Sizzler option costs an extra $1 per play, but triples any prize won except for the jackpot.

"I never understood why someone wouldn't want to try and win more for an extra $1," he said. "I've been playing a long time, but it's finally paid off. The most I've won before this prize was $500."

The excited winner didn't realize he was holding a $90,000 winning ticket until yesterday morning.

"I was running errands and stopped by Casey's to check my lottery tickets," said the winner. "I checked my ticket myself and was surprised when I received a message that read I had to sign the back of my ticket and redeem at Lottery. I scanned the ticket three more times and got the same results, so I asked one of the clerks to help me out. When she told me how much I had won, I couldn't believe it. The store clerk and manager came around the counter to hug me and the 7-Up guy shook my hand. He told me he had heard on the news that Kansas had a big Hot Lotto winner over the weekend and that winner was me!"

Winning a large prize couldn't have come at a better time for the winner.

"I've been out of work for several months and I'm very thankful to have won such a big prize," he said. "I'm going to be smart with how I spend the money. I may purchase a different home. Right now, I'm still trying to believe it's real." The winning ticket was purchased at Casey's General Store 1697, located at 501 W. Mary St. in Yates Center.
Dyersburg Friends Collect 1st HOT LOTTO Jackpot Prize
Two friends from Dyersburg arrived at the Tennessee Lottery's Nashville headquarters on Thursday hesitant and uncertain, but left with a jaunty skip in their step�and a check for $2.2 million. The longtime co-workers won the hefty all-cash prize playing one of the Lottery's newest games, Hot Lotto, making them the first Tennessee jackpot winners of the multi-state game.

Steve Martin, 59, and Rebecca Butler, 48, said they were extremely excited, but also a bit nervous and wanted to remain "as low-key as possible" about the big news. The lucky ticket was purchased at "All in One", 810 Highway 51 Bypass W. in Dyersburg. That store will receive $5,000 for selling the winning ticket.
Rio Rancho Couple Claims $7.6 Million Hot Lotto� Jackpot
Doug and Roberta Barnard of Rio Rancho claimed a $7.6 million Hot Lotto jackpot from the New Mexico Lottery today.

"My budget for an anniversary gift just went way up," Doug Barnard joked. The Barnards will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in December.

In Saturday's drawing, the Barnards' quick-pick ticket matched the winning numbers of 2, 4, 29, 38, 41 and the Hot Ball of 7. The odds of winning a Hot Lotto jackpot are 1 in 29 million.

Doug Barnard, who began playing Hot Lotto for the first time about two weeks ago, had no idea the jackpot had been hit until this morning when he checked his tickets with the winning numbers posted at the lottery's website.

"I thought 'Okay, what do I do now,'" he told lottery officials in Albuquerque.

He texted his wife.

"The text read, 'Call me. Big news,'" Roberta Barnard said. "I didn't even know he had bought tickets."

After they pay off the mortgage to their home and buy a new car, the Barnards said the money will be invested.

The Barnards purchased their lucky ticket at Sandia Shell No 100 located at 7801 Carrway in Rio Rancho. For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, the store is eligible for a $10,000 New Mexico Lottery bonus.
Rio Rancho Woman Wins $10,000 Hot Lotto Prize
Mildred Maher of Rio Rancho, New Mexico won a $10,000 Hot Lotto� prize in the game's March 16 drawing.

She bought her lucky quick-pick ticket at the Valero Corner Store located at 2505 Southern Blvd. NE in Rio Rancho.

Maher told New Mexico Lottery officials that she plans to share her good fortune with her family.
Kansas City, Kan. Couple Claims $9.43 Million Hot Lotto Jackpot
A couple in their 40s from Kansas City, Kansas, say they both like their jobs and will continue to work, even though they are the winners of a $9.43 million Hot Lotto jackpot.

The winners, who asked the Lottery not to disclose their identities, claimed the prize today at Lottery headquarters, after matching all numbers in the January 12 drawing. The lucky numbers were 13-15-21-34-35 Hot Ball 4.

"We got home from church yesterday and my husband checked our Hot Lotto ticket on the Lottery's website," the wife said. "When he told me we had hit the jackpot, I was quiet for a moment and then I cried. God knows, things have not been easy for us lately financially."

The amount of the jackpot � $9.43 million � was especially significant. In recent months, the husband had twice won several hundred dollars playing the numbers 9-4-3 on Pick 3, both in Kansas and in Missouri!

"One of my children gave me those numbers to play," he said.

The winners have three children, but had not yet told them about the jackpot win when they claimed the ticket.

"We wanted to make sure it was real first!"

The couple elected to take the cash option, which was worth $7,154,940. After 25% is taken for federal taxes, $1,788,735; and 5% for state taxes, $357,747; the winners will receive a payment of $5,008,458. They plan to use the money to help family members and for their children's education.

"Our children are really good students, and we're very proud of them. They'll be able to go to college anywhere they want now."

The winners purchased their lucky ticket at QuikTrip 239R, located at 555 N. 78th Street in Kansas City, Kansas. For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, the store receives a $2,500 selling bonus.

The Kansas Lottery's new executive director was especially eager to meet the jackpot winners today. Dennis Taylor's first day on the job as Kansas Lottery Executive Director was January 11. The very next day, Kansas captured the Hot Lotto jackpot.

"Talk about a great way to begin a new job � making this nice couple multimillionaires," said Taylor.
Whitewood, SD Man Claims $30,000 Hot Lotto Prize
When the customer ahead of him at Woody's in Whitewood purchased lotto tickets for the November 14, 2012 drawings, Aaron Arehart thought that sounded like a good idea. And when the clerk asked Arehart if he wanted the "extras" on his purchase, he told her yes. That's how the Whitewood man ended up winning $30,000 on his Hot Lotto ticket.

Arehart hit five of five white ball numbers but missed the Hot Ball, which is normally a $10,000 prize but because he purchased the Sizzler option for an additional $1, the prize was tripled. He says he plays lotto on a random basis, depending on the jackpots and the $30,000 is his biggest win to date. Arehart found out he was a winner at the same store where he got the winning ticket.

"I used the ticket self-checker at Woody's and found out I had a winner. I'm really glad the clerk asked me if I wanted the extras because that won me another $20,000," said Arehart.

His brother was the first to hear of the big win, Arehart says mainly because no one else was answering their phones. Although he's still getting over the shock, Arehart already has some ideas as to what he'll do with the winnings.

"I'm going to pay off all my debt, do some traveling, and save the rest," he said.
Going Fishin'! Colson Wins $3.43 Million on Hot Lotto
Steve Colson's morning started out with a blood curdling scream of excitement about 6:30 a.m. today when he checked his Idaho Lottery tickets for winning numbers. His Hot Lotto ticket from last night, Wednesday, June 27, 2012, matched all five of the numbers and the Hot Ball.

"I only get that excited over a whole lot of money! I woke everybody up!" explained Colson, a retired U.S. Army veteran with 22 years of service, a tour of duty during the first Gulf War and a Purple Heart recipient. "I must have checked them twenty times and still couldn't believe it. There's absolutely no way all the numbers were the same. No way!"

Colson was the sole winner of a $3.43 million Hot Lotto jackpot from Wednesday night. This is the first Hot Lotto jackpot winner in Idaho Lottery history.

The sixth generation Idahoan plans to take a one-time cash lump sum prize of $2,675,029.86. With the winnings, he plans to take his father and family on the fishing trip of a lifetime to Alaska, benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, and then build his dream motorcycle and dedicate it to the fallen soldiers in Iraq.

"I'm going to take care of my family and my friends, then save the rest," said Colson.

The winning Hot Lotto jackpot ticket was sold at the Jacksons Food Store located on the corner of Caldwell Boulevard and Midland Avenue in Nampa, where Colson is a regular customer. For their part in selling the big jackpot winning ticket, Jacksons will receive a $20,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery.
NM Couple Wins $10K Hot Lotto Prize
Genia and Darel Devenport of Roswell won $10,000 in the April 11 Hot Lotto drawing. They played their own numbers including Darel's date of birth and their wedding anniversary. The Devenports' bought their winning ticket at Albertson's No. 990 located at 1110 S. Main Street in Roswell.
Albuquerque Man Claims $1.54 Million Hot Lotto� Jackpot
Robert Platt of Albuquerque claimed a $1.54 million Hot Lotto� jackpot from the New Mexico Lottery today.

In Saturday's drawing, Platt's quick-pick ticket matched the winning numbers of 7, 16, 18, 32, 35 and the Hot Ball of 8. The odds of winning a Hot Lotto jackpot are 1 in nearly 11 million. Before working on his tax return yesterday morning, Platt checked both his Powerball� and Hot Lotto tickets against the winning numbers posted at the lottery's website.

"I started looking at the numbers and I realized I have all these numbers," he said. "I was shocked."

Platt, who began playing Hot Lotto four months ago, elected to take the jackpot's pre-tax cash option of $1.15 million. His plans as a jackpot winner include retiring his home loan as well as his son's loans for law school in California.

The winner purchased his lucky ticket at 7-Eleven No. 57720 located at 7525 Montgomery Blvd. NE in Albuquerque. For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, the store is eligible for a $10,000 New Mexico Lottery bonus.
North Mankato Family Wins $2.99 Million Hot Lotto� Jackpot
Three members of a North Mankato family have stepped forward to claim the $2.99 million Hot Lotto jackpot from the March 14, 2012 drawing. Thomas H. Browne, his son Lee Browne and his daughter Elaine Pleiss presented the winning ticket at Lottery headquarters in Roseville yesterday afternoon.

Thomas said he heard an announcement on the radio that the winning Hot Lotto jackpot ticket for March 14 was sold in Nicollet County. He checked his quick-pick ticket and discovered it matched the winning numbers of 1-6-13-25-27 and the Hot Ball of 15 to win the $2.99 million jackpot. "Don't ask me how many times I checked it!" Thomas said of the winning ticket.

Lee heard the same radio broadcast and thought, "I wonder if it's Dad." He learned later that his father did indeed win the jackpot when Thomas stood in Lee's garage and asked him, "Is your truck paid off?" Lee said he had a couple of years left when his dad told him about the jackpot win.

Elaine learned of her father's win on the telephone. She said her reaction to the news was, "'No way!' He said, 'No, really I did!' I went to the living room and told my boyfriend, 'Dad won the Lottery!'"

The cash option is $2.21 million before tax withholding. PJ's Liquor, 407 Belgrade Ave. in North Mankato, sold the winning ticket and will receive a $10,000 bonus.
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