Ruth Kraft

May 15, 2012


MEGA Millions® Ticket Worth $25 Million Claimed
How would you sleep knowing you had a MEGA Millions ticket worth $25 million in your possession? And where would you safely keep that ticket overnight? Well, California's newest millionaire, Ruth Kraft, can give us the answers to those questions.

When we asked her how she slept the night she won her MEGA jackpot, she answered simply, "not well." And where do you think she kept her winning ticket? On her kitchen table, of course! Kraft filled us in on her story when she visited our District Office after she found out she matched all six numbers in the MEGA Millions draw from May 15. Her prize is worth $25 million and the estimated cash value of the ticket is $18.6 million.

Can you blame Kraft for having a tough time containing her excitement? Imagine all the things she'll be able to do with $25 million!

Kraft purchased her winning ticket at Charles Service Center Mobil, which is located at 10857 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. The ticket successfully matched the numbers 10, 11, 12, 14, 24 and the Mega number of 6. The retailer will receive a bonus of $125,000 for selling the winning ticket.