Angel Guallpa-Mayancela

January 25, 2013

New Jersey

Do Two Angel's Make the $65.7 Million Mega Millions Win Heaven Sent?

Carole Hedinger, NJ Lottery Executive Director, announced New Jersey's latest multi-million dollar Mega Millions jackpot winner, Angel Guallpa-Mayancela. Mayancela was the sole winner of the Mega Millions jackpot for the Friday, Jan. 25 drawing. By matching all five winning numbers along with the Gold Mega Ball number, Mayancela won the $89 million annuity jackpot which equates to a $65.7 million cash payout. The winning ticket was sold at Lisa's Angel Corporation, 328 Main Street in Orange in Essex County.

Mayancela arrived at Lottery headquarters with his family late in the day on Feb. 15 to claim the prize. With sheer joy and disbelief, the family was still in shock from the news. "I've been telling my wife that someday she would be married to a millionaire because I am a hard worker. So when I told her that I had won the Mega Millions $65 million jackpot, she didn't believe me," said Mayancela. Mayancela's promises certainly came true with this lucky win.

"This is a life-changing moment for Angel and his family and we wish them well in all of their future endeavors," said Hedinger.