$ 100 Million
    $ 65.5 Million Cash Value
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  There were no jackpot winners Saturday, but 569,381 players across the nation won more than $5 Million in prizes in America's Game. Click here to see the winning numbers.  
  May 21: Jackpot at $70 Million; Rolling to $80 Million
The Saturday, May 21st jackpot was at its guaranteed $70 million and will be rolling to $80 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 05 07 09 23 32 Powerball: 26, Power Play 4. There were two tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize, except in CA where prizes are required to be pari-mutuel and may pay more or less than $1 Million. They were from AZ and CA. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of NJ. There were 594,711 tickets that won nearly $13.0 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
$429.6 Million POWERBALL Jackpot Winners Revealed at New Jersey Lottery Press Conference
The owners of the sole jackpot winning Powerball ticket that was sold by the New Jersey Lottery for the Saturday, May 7th drawing, came to Lottery headquarters to validate the ticket and claim their prize. The claimed the prize as a group win and are named The Smith Family Lottery Pool. They purchased the ticket with a cash option which is valued at $284 million. The group members include:

1. Pearlie Mae Smith (mom),Trenton
2. Valerie Marie Arthur, Trenton
3. Steven Elliot Smith, Trenton
4. Jacqueline Sessoms, Trenton
5. Marsha-Ann Rebecca Smith, Trenton
6. Tracy Angela Smith, Newark
7. Katherine Nicole Nunnally, Newark
8. Rene Bethina Smith, Trenton

"We are thrilled to meet the fortunate winners and I am extremely pleased that they heeded the recommendation to obtain professional assistance and advice to navigate this life-changing event," Carole Hedinger, New Jersey Lottery Executive Director said. The family also consulted with a life coach and met with previous jackpot winners to learn from their experiences.

The Smith Family Lottery Group spokesperson, Valerie Marie Arthur said, "Divine intervention provided the winning numbers to my mother in a dream." Arthur is a retired corrections administrator. They plan on tithing 10 percent of the winnings to God. "Friday the 13th is now a blessed day."

Mrs. Smith purchased the ticket from the 7-Eleven store, 750 Chambers Street, Trenton in Mercer County. She is a pastor in a church in Trenton and rarely gambles. She said that these numbers popped into her head and felt compelled to listen to the intuition. She purchased one game board for the Wednesday, May 4 drawing and one board for the Saturday, May 7 drawing, which was the winning ticket.
  May 18: Jackpot at $60 Million; Rolling to $70 Million
The Wednesday, May 18th jackpot was at its guaranteed $60 million and will be rolling to $70 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 23 25 39 54 67 Powerball: 11, Power Play 3. There was one ticket that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. It was from the State of NJ. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 517,467 tickets that won over $5.6 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
An Iowa County man was just one number away from winning a big Powerball jackpot last week and ended up winning $50,000.

Merlyn Huedepohl of Williamsburg matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball in the May 7 drawing to win a $50,000 prize.

Huedepohl's winning easy pick ticket had matched all of the numbers expect for '26;' he said his ticket had '46' instead. He bought his winning ticket at Casey's, 602 S. Highland St. in Williamsburg last week and returned there Tuesday morning to check his tickets. He said he had several tickets from recent drawings to check and had no idea that he'd won $50,000.

"While I was standing there, on the counter it was written on a sheet of paper that there was a $50,000 winner from this location," Huedepohl told lottery employees the same day as he claimed his prize at the lottery's headquarters in Clive. "The clerk pushed the next ticket in and she says, 'Now I hope you're the $50,000 winner.' And she pushed the next one in and she says, 'You're the $50,000 winner!'"

The 72-year-old retired farmer and factory worker said he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I thought she was kidding me and she looked at me again and she says, 'No, seriously!'" Huedepohl said.

Huedepohl was on his way to meet his morning coffee group, but he went home instead to tell his wife, Diane, the good news.

Diane said she wasn't expecting her husband back so soon and became worried when he stepped inside the house and came upstairs to see her.

"I was worried because he usually doesn't come home from coffee until 9:30 or 10:00 and here it was a little after 8 a.m. and I thought, 'Something is wrong,'" Diane said. "And then when he came upstairs I thought, 'Yeah, something is wrong.'"

Nothing was bad, though. It was good news and Huedepohl said he was excited to share it his wife.

"I said, 'Look at this, dear!' And she looked at me. I said, 'That's $50,000!'" Merlyn said.

The couple said they plan to save their winnings.
Electrician uses Power Play to win $100,000
As a retired electrician, George Johnson knows a thing or two about power. Now, he also knows all about Power Play. That's how the Charles City man won $100,000 in the May 7 Powerball drawing. "I never expected to be this lucky," he said as he claimed his prize. "I don't think I was this nervous when I got married!"

Mr. Johnson matched four of the first five numbers plus the Powerball number. Normally, that would win $50,000, but he spent an extra dollar for Power Play when he bought the ticket. The Power Play number for that drawing was 2x, which doubled his prize to $100,000.

He bought the winning ticket at Fas Mart, 338 East Williamsburg Road in Sandston.

He used Easy Pick and allowed the computer to randomly select the numbers on his ticket.

Mr. Johnson said his winnings will help make his retirement a little more comfortable. He said he'll save this money as his "ace in the hole" in case unexpected expenses arise.
  May 14: Jackpot at $50 Million; Rolling to $60 Million; 2 more millionaires; for a total of 1,813!!!
The Saturday, May 14th jackpot was at its guaranteed $50 million and will be rolling to $60 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 13 27 47 64 65 Powerball: 09, Power Play 3. There were two tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. They were from MN and MO. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 553,303 tickets that won nearly $6.3 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
  May 11: Jackpot at $40 Million; Rolling to $50 Million
The Wednesday, May 11th jackpot was at its guaranteed $40 million and will be rolling to $50 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 20 32 52 66 69 Powerball: 23, Power Play 3. There were no tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 468,673 tickets that won nearly $3.7 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
A northwest Iowa man was just one number away from winning a big Powerball jackpot last week and ended up winning a $50,000 prize.

Gene Bartels of Sioux Center matched four white balls and the Powerball in the May 4 drawing to win a $50,000 prize.

Bartels purchased his winning ticket at Shell Sioux-Per Center, 1212 N. Main Ave. in Sioux Center. He claimed his prize Friday at the lottery's regional office in Storm Lake.
Twenty friends from the Cedar Rapids area are splitting a $150,000 Powerball prize that they won with a ticket they pooled their money to buy at a Cedar Rapids convenience store.

The group calls itself "Rumors 20," based off the name of a bar and grill on the northwest side of Cedar Rapids where they regularly gather together, said Connie Waite of Cedar Rapids, who claimed the prize on behalf of the group.

Waite, along with her husband, Dan, claimed the prize Friday at the lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. "We're leaving here, go and get all the checks and hand them out and there might be a little party this evening," Waite said.

The group won its big prize in Wednesday's Powerball drawing on a ticket that was purchased at Clark of Cedar Rapids, 502 E Ave. NW in Cedar Rapids.

The group's winning ticket initially matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to win a $50,000 prize, but since they added the Power Play option to their purchase, their prize multiplied to $150,000.

Sixteen members of the group reside in Cedar Rapids and the other four are from Solon, Swisher, Central City and Vinton, respectively. The group members work in a variety of professions, including construction trades as well as factory and government workers. The group members range in age from 40 to 65.

"We've all just decided, 'Let's all throw in some money every week and buy tickets.' And we’ve been doing it for maybe two years," Waite said. "We've won $300 here, $400 there, but $150,000 is pretty neat."

Waite said she had to work Thursday, so she was unable to take the group's tickets to a local lottery retailer to have them checked. So Dan, her husband, volunteered to have the group's tickets checked. Connie said he found out that the group won $150,000 and remained very calm.

"He says, 'Oh we won 150.' I said, '$150?' He said, '$150,000.' I go, 'What? And this didn't warrant a phone call? You didn’t feel like I would like to share that with anybody?'" Connie recalled.

Each member of the group received $5,250 after taxes. Waite said the group will continue to pool money together to buy Powerball tickets and looks forward to winning again.

"We've been planning on this," she said. "We sort of planned on winning millions, this is the beginning."

The 20 members of the Rumors 20 group are:

From Cedar Rapids: Danny Feaker, Clayton Daywitt, Shawn Cassiday, Roberta Nerison, Sonya Noska, Jake Marshall, Terry Sweet, Carol Ekstrand, Billie Davis, Goldie Chesmore, John Gray, Dean Otto, Tony Anderson, Marlin Hoffner, Alma Unvuh and Waite;

Also, Tim Feaker of Solon; Roger Greif of Swisher; Gary Liebe of Central City; and Charles Fountain of Vinton.
Jackson Man Wins $50,000 Powerball Prize
A retired farmer likes to play for the big Missouri Lottery jackpots, and it paid off on April 20. Gerald Adams of Jackson used to run a dairy farm, but now he substitute teaches a few days a week. He also buys a few Powerball tickets, especially when the jackpot is big. He was playing for the $227 million jackpot on April 20 and ended up with a $50,000 prize.

"I don't play every week, but I do play several times a month. Powerball," stated Adams, 64. "I use the birthdays of my family and the ages."

Adams picked his winning numbers. The winning Powerball numbers for April 20 were: 12, 25, 30, 52, 62; and the Powerball number was 8. Adams matched four white-ball numbers and the Powerball number on a ticket he purchased at Jackson Mart, 1402 Old Cape Road, in Jackson.

"I have changed the one that I won with," he explained. "I'll probably never hit on that one again, so I changed that one."

Adams said he plans to pay off his house, pay some bills and keep playing.

"Matter of fact, I'm playing today," he said.
  May 7: Jackpot explodes to $429.6 Million; One Winner in New Jersey!
The Saturday, May 7th jackpot exploded to an estimated $429.6 million and there was one grand prize winning ticket sold in the State of New Jersey! The jackpot will reset to its guaranteed $40 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 05 25 26 44 66 Powerball: 09, Power Play 2. There were seven tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize, except in CA where prizes are required to be pari-mutuel and may pay more or less than $1 Million. They were from CA; IL-2; NY-3; and VA. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 3,011,353 tickets that won over $25.7 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
Pender Man Wins $250,000 Playing Powerball Power Play
Joseph Schmidt of Pender recently won $250,000 playing Powerball Power Play from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 18,000 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Saturday, April 23, drawings. Among these winners was Schmidt, who purchased his winning ticket at Frazey Fuels, 317 Whitney Street in Pender. The quick-pick ticket contained four of the five winning white ball numbers (19, 35, 46, 59, 62) and the Powerball number (13) from the April 23 drawing for $50,000.

Because Schmidt added the $1 Power Play option to his ticket, his prize was multiplied by the 5X Power Play multiplier for a total of $250,000.

While claiming his prize on April 25, Schmidt told Nebraska Lottery officials that he buys Lotto tickets every week. "The clerks call it the 'Joe Special': a Powerball ticket with Power Play, a Mega Millions ticket with Megaplier, and a Nebraska Pick 5 ticket," said Schmidt. He learned he had won after checking the winning numbers at the Nebraska Lottery website, nelottery.com. "My Sunday morning ritual is to get a cup of coffee and check the numbers," said Schmidt. "I thought it wasn't real, so I called the hotline number and then I woke up my wife to double-check the ticket." He plans to pay bills using his winnings.
A southern Iowa man credits his big Powerball win to a recent change to the way the numbers that he plays are chosen.

Lon Grail of Afton said he played the same set of lucky numbers or about a decade until a couple of months ago when he decided to let the computer randomly pick his numbers instead. It turns out that easy picks are the way to go for him, as he won $250,000 in Saturday's drawing.

"After I retired I got tired of messing with the play slip," Grail told lottery employees Monday as he claimed his prize at the lottery's headquarters in Clive.

Grail, a retired railroad worker, said he bought his winning ticket Saturday at Casey's, 501 N. Douglas St. in Afton, and checked his ticket there Sunday morning using a self-checker inside the store.

"I thought the machine was playing a trick on me," he said.

Grail joked that he and his wife, Terri, are used to seeing the lottery terminal display a much different message when he checks his Powerball tickets, so much so that they've given it an acronym: "TTINAW," which stands for "This Ticket Is Not A Winner."

"We're used to that, but when the bells go off then you're supposed to win $3, not $250,000," he said with a smile.

Grail's winning ticket initially matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to win a $50,000 prize, but since he added the Power Play option to his purchase his prize multiplied by five. The jackpot has been growing since March 5 and has climbed to an estimated $282 million for Wednesday's drawing.

"I've always bought that Power Play, always," Grail said. "I have friends that always tell me, 'Why do you spend that extra dollar?' 'Somebody has to win,' I tell them."

As for the prize money, the couple said they plan to save a majority of it after taking care of some medical expenses. A new riding lawn mower also is in their near future!
Rochester resident is second player to claim $1 million Powerball prize this week
Minnesota had back-to-back $1 million Powerball prize winners from the drawings on April 9 and 13.

Nick Suchla of Rochester arrived at Lottery headquarters on April 15 with his $1 million ticket in hand. As the IT director for the University of Minnesota Rochester, Suchla says he makes the short walk from his office to Carroll's Corn in the Kahler Subway two to three times a week. "I buy a Red Bull and one Powerball or two Mega Millions tickets," he explained. To his good fortune, Suchla decided to purchase a Powerball ticket on April 13 for that night's drawing.

The next day Suchla's wife, Lacey, saw a Facebook post about a Powerball ticket sold at Carroll's Corn winning $1 million on April 13. She knows her husband buys his tickets there, so when he got home from work that day, she asked him if he bought a ticket from that store. He said yes, so she joked with him, saying, "You should look it up-it could be us. Ha! Ha!"

He took her advice and checked the ticket. "I didn’t get the Powerball, but as I checked the other numbers I thought, 'That's strange-they're all the same as on my ticket,'" Nick recalled. "He just stared at it," Lacey said. After Nick determined that the numbers on his ticket matched the numbers drawn on April 13, he said, "That's the $1 million ticket!"

As they received their check, Lacey commented, "It's kind of ironic that we claimed the prize on tax day."

Carroll's Corn is located at 20 - 2nd Ave. S.W. in Rochester.
Bus driver drives away with $1 million Powerball prize
A Metro Transit bus driver can now officially park in retirement after winning a $1 million Powerball prize.

Joseph Woods of St. Paul, MN has been working as a part-time bus driver since he retired as a full-time driver in 2007. However, after winning $1 million in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, Woods is now able to officially retire.

Woods called his employer the morning of April 11 to share the news. “I told them, ‘I’m not coming in anymore. I just won $1 million!’ I think that was a good enough explanation.”

His next stop was Lottery headquarters in Roseville to collect the prize.

Woods says he’s looking forward to having more time to “enjoy the same things I've been doing!”

He purchased the winning ticket at M & H Gas, located at 721 Arcade St. in St. Paul, MN.
Hannibal Man Pockets $50,000 Lottery Win
George Kells' good day got a lot better when he discovered his Powerball ticket was worth $50,000 after matching four white-ball numbers and the Powerball from the March 23 drawing. The regular lottery player said this is his biggest win ever. Kells, 51, says it was his wife, Lynn Ann, that actually purchased the ticket for him.

"I wasn't feeling well, so I asked her to go get my Powerball ticket for me. She didn't really want to go," Kells snickered. "She won't be reluctant next time."

The Hannibal native bought his ticket from Austin Spiegel, a clerk at Abel's Quik Shop, 1201 Broadway, in Hannibal. The win paid off for Austin, too.

"I'm a regular at Abel's, and I always buy my tickets from Austin. I promised him that if I ever won big, I'd give him $1,000,” Kells added. "I'm not sure he believed me, but I'm really going to do it."

Kells says he will pay some bills and might take a vacation to Nashville with his winnings.
Cartersville man pulls lucky Powerball ticket worth $1M
A Cartersville man has claimed a lucky Powerball ticket worth $1 million. Sonny Nowell, 74, matched the first five winning numbers from the Feb. 20 Powerball drawing, winning a $1 million prize.

"I chose my own numbers," Nowell said. "It was nothing other than tracking numbers. I keep my own system."

Texaco Food Mart, located at 1401 West Ave. in Cartersville, sold the winning ticket.

Following the televised drawing, Nowell called the Georgia Lottery's Player Information Hot Line for the results.

"Then, I called again," he recalled. "It's real exciting. I wondered how I got that lucky."

Nowell and his wife, Dorothy, will celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary in April. They have an adult daughter and two granddaughters.

"This is a great anniversary present," he shared. "Winning this prize will make life more enjoyable."
Record Powerball jackpot equals Southern Oregon winners
Steven Lambert had never purchased a Powerball ticket, but when he saw the jackpot climb to more than $800 million, he opted to try his luck.

"The big jackpot got me," Lambert said. "I had never purchased a ticket before, I even had to have the clerk at the store help me fill out the play slip. I'm really glad I figured it all out!"

Lambert was one of three people in Southern Oregon who won large prizes, even though they didn't win the top prize. Lambert, from Ashland, claimed his $50,000 Monday morning, and said that his son was accepted to University of Oregon, so the money was going to help pay his college expenses.

"I work in the parks and I see what the Oregon Lottery does to help fund state parks," Lambert said.
Baker City abuzz with $100,000 Powerball win
Theresa Osborne was amazed at how fast the news of her $100,000 Powerball win spread across Baker City, even reaching her son living in Eugene before she could call him.

"Everyone knew hours after I checked the ticket," Osborne said.

Osborne bought a Powerball ticket after seeing the record-breaking jackpot of $1.6 billion. She used the quick pick, and bought the ticket with the $1 extra Powerplay option because "you never know what could happen."

What happened was four of her numbers and the power ball matched, meaning she won $50,000, but with the multiplier of 2, she won $100,000.

"We were like everyone else Wednesday night, sitting on the couch talking about what we would do with $1.6 billion. It was unimaginable," she said. "I looked on my phone to get the numbers and we couldn't believe we got so many. I thought I lost, but then I noticed on the website you could win other ways. We haven't gotten much sleep since realizing we won $100,000."

Nathan Osbourne, who drives a school bus, said Thursday afternoon, students even knew his wife had won.

"News travels fast in Baker City, OR," Nathan said.

The couple said they were going to help out their two sons, pay off some bills and get new tires.
A Council Bluffs, Iowa couple's set of lucky Powerball numbers paid off recently to the tune of $50,000.

Debra and Randy Snipes say they have been playing the same set of numbers for almost two decades now and in a Powerball drawing last month all but one of the couple's lucky numbers were drawn.

Debra, 54, said she expected to only win a couple of dollars when she had the couple's Powerball ticket checked at a local gas station last month. Debra purchased the winning ticket at Super Saver, 1141 N. Broadway in Council Bluffs.

"When I went to the gas station to have them checked and buy new tickets she said, 'Do you realize that you've won?'" Debra told lottery employees Friday as the couple claimed their prize at the lottery's regional office in Council Bluffs. "I said, 'Well yeah, we always win like $4 or $8.' She goes, 'No, do you realize that you've won?' And I'm like, 'What are you talking about? I just told you.' And she goes, 'No, you've won $50,000!'"

Debra, who works at an assisted living community in Council Bluffs, said she and her husband have known about their big lottery win for several weeks now, but waited until both of them had some time off of work to claim their prize.

And as for the couple's lucky numbers, Debra said that they are just a set of random numbers her husband picked years ago and has stayed loyal to them ever since.

The couple said a majority of their lottery winnings will be put toward paying off their mortgage.
Severna Park Family Enjoys Two Powerball Wins
When his mother asked the family to give her some good numbers for her Powerball tickets recently, James Nelson had a very lucky answer. Both mother and son played his numbers in the Jan. 6 drawing and both are $50,000 richer for it!

James, a 19-year-old intern with a sales business, and his mom were caught up in the Powerball mania that swept the country for the last two weeks. After supplying his mother with his lucky numbers, the Severna Park man decided to play them for himself.

"I knew that when they won for her she wouldn't give me a dime," he said, jokingly. "So, I got one more ticket with those same numbers."

Checking the results the next day, James couldn't believe his eyes. He called his mom when he finally accepted that five of his numbers had been drawn - four among the white balls and the Power Ball.

"I was jumping up and down as I told her that we'd each won $50,000," said the Anne Arundel County resident. It took a few minutes to convince his mother that he wasn't joking. "I could hear in her voice, eventually, how happy she was. It's been a pretty good few days for our family."

His mother has not yet officially claimed her prize.

James plans to invest a good chunk of his winnings and put the rest into savings. Maybe he'll buy stock in the Macy's Corner Exxon at 518 Ritchie Highway in Severna Park, a business that paid off big for him when it sold him the lucky Powerball ticket.
Wheaton Woman Starts Year with $50,000 Powerball Prize
Wheaton, Maryland resident De Le made a smart decision the other day. When paying for her regular Powerball tickets that used her personal numbers, De was told by the Kensington Pharmacy clerk that she still had $2 left. Did she want the money or another Powerball ticket? De decided to use her change to buy a Quick-Pick Powerball ticket. That decision gave her a $50,000 win!

The Jan. 13 drawing came and went. On Thursday morning, her daughter called to remind De to check her tickets. Only then did the grandmother of five see that she matched four white balls plus the Power Ball, making her ticket worth $50,000.

"I play Powerball all the time so this is really exciting," the 66-year-old told Lottery officials. She claimed her prize while accompanied by her daughter Loan and her longtime companion Jack Thompson.

The retiree plans to pay it forward by giving some of her winnings to her two daughters and grandchildren. She also plans to use some of her prize toward her next trip to her native Vietnam.

"This is a very lucky day," she said. "In addition to winning this prize, it's my granddaughter's birthday!"

De's lucky Lottery retailer, Kensington Pharmacy, is located at 3737 University Blvd. West in Kensington.
Churchton Woman Attributes $50,000 Powerball Prize to Good Karma
A lucky lady who played the Maryland Lottery for the first time in about two years just won a $50,000 Powerball prize in the Jan. 9 drawing!

"I believe it's just good karma," said Jennifer McBride-Scarito of Churchton. She's worked in nursing for 16 years and enjoys helping people and animals. The 46-year-old shared a story with Lottery officials about finding a stray dog and reuniting it with its owner. These and other good deeds she and her boyfriend Bryan Noss have performed over the years finally came back to them, she said.

Jennifer's decision to chase the jackpot happened the day of the drawing. While at home taking down holiday decorations, she and Bryan decided to go to the store for beverages. While there, they decided to buy a few Powerball tickets. "No more than $10 worth," she said.

They visited Captain Kidd's located at 5823 Deale-Churchton Road in Deale and purchased exactly $10 worth of tickets.

Jennifer was asleep during the live drawing, which Bryan watched. He kept going back over the ticket and the winning numbers until convinced of the win. He woke up Jennifer, who remembers her sleepy response: "Stop messing with me." Once she realized Bryan was serious, Jennifer got so excited she called both of her sisters and her stepmother in Texas to share the good news.

Jennifer and Bryan plan to use the prize to pay off their cars and make some home improvements.
The Florida Lottery announces that the sole winner of the $291.4 million POWERBALL jackpot from the drawing held on Wednesday, March 2, claimed the prize at Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. The winner, James Stocklas, 67, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, chose to receive the winnings in a one-time, lump-sum payment in the amount of $191,470,307.58.

Stocklas, a senior judge, was on his annual Florida vacation where he spent about a month fishing in the Florida Keys with close friends and relatives. On Tuesday, he and the group were driving back to Pennsylvania in their RVs and stopped at the Tom Thumb store for a bag of ice and to pick up some Florida Lottery tickets. "I occasionally play the lottery back home and when I'm in Florida," Stocklas said. The trip back home concluded last night and this morning Stocklas was back to his typical, daily routine. "I go to the same restaurant every day for breakfast and before I began drinking my coffee or reading the paper, I pulled up the news on my phone and saw a headline about a Florida POWERBALL winner," Socklas explained. "I got my POWERBALL ticket out of my wallet to check the numbers, and sure enough, I was the jackpot winner! Stocklas then bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant and called his friends and family to say, "we are going back to Florida!"

The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at Tom Thumb, located at 5515 Overseas Highway in Marathon. The retailer will receive $85,000 for selling the jackpot-winning ticket.

His brother, Bob, was a winner too! He won $7!
Full-Time RVers and Magic Valley Couple Win $150,000 on Powerball
Once every four years, the month of February has an extra day in it. February 29, 2016, or Leap Day, now has 150,000 additional reasons for Jim Davids and his wife Laura of Twin Falls to celebrate. Davids won $150,000 on a Powerball ticket with the PowerPlay feature from last Saturday night's draw. Davids says he has played the exact same numbers for nearly twenty years and they have proven to be lucky.

"A few years ago, I won $1,000. Now I've won $150,000. I'm moving my way up. I've only got to get one more number and then I get the big one," said Davids when he claimed his winning ticket in Boise on Monday afternoon. "Once I hit the big one, I'll stop playing the Lottery, but until then..."

Davids and his wife are retired and full-time RVers, traveling the country visiting friends and family, while trying to stay away from Idaho's cold weather during the winter months. The couple had appointments in the Magic Valley which brought them back to Idaho.

The winning ticket, which was bought at Logan's Market in Filer, matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball. The ticket also had the PowerPlay multiplier, turning a $50,000 winner into a $150,000 winning ticket.

The Davids plan to use their windfall to take care of some bills and continue their life on the road.
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