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  There were no jackpot winners Saturday, but 399,884 players across the nation won more than $5.6 Million in prizes in America's Game. Click here to see the winning numbers.  
Waltham man claims $1 million Powerball prize
Josean Ortiz of Waltham is Massachusetts's newest $1 million Powerball prize winner after matching the first five winning numbers in the multi-state game's drawing held Saturday, September 19.

Ortiz visited the Massachusetts State Lottery's Braintree headquarters on Wednesday, September 23 to claim his $1 million prize (before taxes). This is the seventh Powerball prize of $1 million or more claimed in Massachusetts in 2015. He plans to use his winnings to pay some bills and help his family.

Ortiz bought his winning Quic Pic ticket at the Gateway Newstand located at the Square One Mall in Saugus. The store will receive a $10,000 bonus for its sale.
The $2 million PowerBall PowerPlay ticket from the last night's drawing was claimed by a Pascoag man. The man, accompanied by his wife, entered the Lottery Headquarters early this afternoon anxious to claim his prize. He bought his ticket on Sunday when he realized how high the PowerBall jackpot had climbed. Surprisingly, the man was not shocked to have won and stated, "I tend to be very lucky." He went on to explain that he has a very positive mindset. Instead of thinking, "I'll never win," when he purchases a lottery ticket, he believes he will win; and he credits his positivity for why he has been so fortunate in life. The winning quick pick ticket matched all five numbers, and because the winner purchased the PowerPlay feature for an additional dollar on his wager, he won $2 million instead of the $1 million standard payout. He and his wife plan to travel with a portion of the money won. "Our bucket list just became more realistic," his wife stated. The couple was also in the midst of searching for a new home, so their price range has now become more flexible. The lifelong Rhode Islanders certainly plan to stay in the state though. The winning ticket was purchased at Quickets, 285 George Washington Hwy., Smithfield.
  Sept 30: Jackpot catapults to $310.5 Million; One winning ticket sold in Michigan!
The Wednesday, September 30th jackpot catapulted to an estimated $310.5 million and there was one grand prize winning ticket sold in the State of Michigan. The jackpot will reset to its guaranteed $40 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 21 39 40 55 59 Powerball: 17, Power Play 3. There were four tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize, except in CA where prizes are required to be pari-mutuel and may pay more or less than $1 Million. They were from CA, CT, NE, and WI. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of RI. There were 1,584,848 tickets that won nearly $16.2 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
When This Retiree Brings Home the Bacon, He Really Brings Home the Bacon!
Willie Nelson - no, not *that* one - has been married almost 38 years and he knows a healthy marriage is a partnership. So when his wife asked him to go to the store this past Saturday (Aug 1) and get some bacon, he did. That good deed made him $110 million richer after buying a ticket and winning the Powerball jackpot from that evening's draw.

"I love Choice Market because they have the thick slab bacon with the rind on it," Willie Nelson said when explaining why he chose to go to that market. "I bought the bacon and then went back to my car and remembered I had an old Lottery ticket to check, so I got it and went back in." It was not a winner. "So then, I went back to my car again, but something inside of me told me to buy another ticket so I went back in a third time and bought five Quick Picks for the Powerball draw that night."

He finally went home with the bacon but left the Powerball tickets in his car. When it was announced that Choice Market had sold the winning ticket, a few friends told Nelson to check his ticket and yesterday (Aug 4), he finally did. "I went to my car and got the ticket. I wrote down the numbers and they all matched, he said. "(I) fell on the floor and screamed!" Nelson had a friend with him and upon seeing Nelson's reaction, he got worried and asked, "Are you having a heart attack?" To which Nelson replied, "No, I just won $110 million!"

Willie Nelson and his bride plan to take their prize and be "on the road again" soon and see the world, visiting some of the countries they haven't visited yet: Africa, Australia, etc. And Nelson has his eye on a pet project he saw recently. "I saw a Studebaker I want; I think it was a '47."

As stated, Nelson bought his ticket at Choice Market, which is located at 5001 South Western Avenue in Los Angeles. Choice Market will receive a retailer bonus of $550,000 for selling the jackpot-winning ticket.
  Sept 26: Jackpot takes off to $266.6 Million; Rolling to $301 Million
The Saturday, September 26th jackpot took off to an estimated $266.6 million and will be rolling to $301 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 23 31 42 50 57 Powerball: 05, Power Play 3. There were eight tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. They were from FL; MA; MO-2; NJ; NY; OK; and VA. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 1,050,471 tickets that won nearly $15.1 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
  Sept 23: Jackpot ignites to $238.6 Million; Rolling to $267 Million
The Wednesday, September 23rd jackpot ignited to an estimated $238.6 million and will be rolling to $267 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 08 29 41 51 58 Powerball: 05, Power Play 2. There were four tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize, except in CA where prizes are required to be pari-mutuel and may pay more or less than $1 Million. They were from CA, ID, NJ, and WI. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of CO. There were 934,063 tickets that won nearly $11.4 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
Iowa's latest $1 million Powerball winners said their lucky purchase was a spur-of-the-moment decision on the way out of a local convenience store.

"I was in a hurry because I was on the way to mass," Richard Martin of Pleasant Hill said as he and his wife claimed their prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Clive. "I stopped in there to hit the ATM and then on the way out the door, I thought to myself, 'Well, I'll just go ahead and buy a lottery ticket.' It was a quick pick."

And then he didn't think about the ticket again until his football watching was done on Sunday and he decided to check his lottery numbers.

"Late Sunday night, I jokingly said to my wife, 'Let me check this lottery ticket to see if we won or not, you might not have to go to work tomorrow,'" he said. "I couldn't believe that it was actually real. And I yelled upstairs for my wife to come down to make sure I had entered the numbers correctly."

His wife, Elizabeth Martin, said she also was in disbelief.

"I just stood there and looked at him and said, 'What are you doing? What's wrong?'" she said.

And then she keyed in the numbers on the lottery website as well.

"And then I looked at it. It just didn't register," she said. "I couldn't even believe it."

Richard, 43, who drives a truck delivering flooring products to stores in Iowa, and Elizabeth, 40, a receptionist at a health clinic, said they then stayed up until about 4:30 a.m. Monday in excitement and disbelief, just staring at each other. For safekeeping, Richard said he kept the winning ticket on the table beside him, with a baseball bat in his hand.

The couple is in the process of closing on a new house, so they have long-term plans for their winnings.

"The majority of it will be put away for retirement," Richard said.

But they have some small mad-money projects as well: Their teen-age daughter wants her hair done and their teen-age son wants a new scooter.

Richard Martin bought their $1 million-winning ticket at the Git-N-Go convenience store, 4164 Easton Blvd. in Des Moines.
  Sept 19: Jackpot explodes to $211.5 Million; Rolling to $235 Million; 9 more millionaires, for a total of 1,572!!
The Saturday, September 19th jackpot exploded to an estimated $211.5 million and will be rolling to $235 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 12 17 26 43 48 Powerball: 24, Power Play 2. There were six tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize, except in CA where prizes are required to be pari-mutuel and may pay more or less than $1 Million. They were from CA; FL; IA; MA-2; and PA. There were three tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. They were from IL and VA-2. There were 780,485 tickets that won nearly $16.8 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
  Sept 16: Jackpot blasts to $188 Million; Rolling to $208 Million
The Wednesday, September 16th jackpot blasted to an estimated $188 million and will be rolling to $208 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 05 07 24 31 39 Powerball: 07, Power Play 3. There were two tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. They were from KY and MN. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of FL. There were 735,659 tickets that won nearly $9.6 million in cash prizes. Detailed winning information can be found here.
Topeka Resident Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize!
A Topeka resident is dreaming bigger after claiming the $1 million Powerball cash prize from the September 2 Powerball drawing. The lucky winner, who wished to remain anonymous, matched all numbers but the Powerball on a $6 Quick Pick ticket.

"I buy lottery tickets twice a week and always at the same store," explained the winner. "On Mondays, I always buy a Super Kansas Cash ticket for $4 and a Powerball ticket for $6. On Thursdays, I check my tickets and purchase more. Yesterday, when I was checking my Powerball ticket, I received a message I had never seen before. I scanned the ticket again and received the same message, 'Sign back of ticket. Claim at Lottery.' I wasn't sure what that meant, so I asked the store clerk to check it for me. After scanning the ticket, he told me to sign the back of my ticket. When I realized how much I had won all I could say was, 'Holy, cow'".

After signing the back of the winning ticket, the Topeka resident put it in his wallet for safe keeping.

"I haven't told anyone about my ticket, so I knew it would be safe in my wallet," said the winner. "Winning such a big prize is surprising. I've been playing lottery games for several years and the most I've ever won was $50 at the most. I don't think the fact that I've won $1 million has caught up with me."

The lucky winner, who is a stick welder, claimed his $1 million cash prize over his lunch hour.

"Winning this big of a prize will allow me to pay off my mortgage," the winner said. "Once that's paid off, I'm going to save the rest. I'm going to continue to buy tickets twice a week as usual. Maybe I'll get lucky again?"

The winning ticket was purchased at Gas and Shop, located at 1900 NW Topeka Blvd. in Topeka.
Lottery winner bustles all summer long with $1M prize in tow
A Birmingham, Ala., man has won an extraordinary Powerball prize in Georgia. Robert Pitchford, 65, matched the first five winning numbers from the June 24 Powerball drawing, winning a $1 million prize.

"I didn't even know that I'd hit," Pitchford exclaimed.

The lucky winner claimed his prize Aug. 24 at Georgia Lottery headquarters in Atlanta after checking the results from a Powerball ticket that was tucked in his wallet.

"I purchased a ticket for multiple draws," he shared. "I always come to the state line to check my ticket."

In total, Pitchford won $261, plus his $1 million prize.

"I said, 'Oh really, what,'" he exclaimed.

With his winnings, Pitchford anticipates purchasing a new convertible, taking a cruise and retiring from his job as a tool and dye maker.

QuikTrip #0741, 1910 Lawrenceville Highway in Decatur, sold the winning Quik Pik ticket.
$1 million Powerball prize a blessing for Brockton man
Peter Mello of Brockton is Massachusetts's newest $1 million Powerball prize winner after matching the first five winning numbers in the multi-state game's drawing held Wednesday, August 19.

Mello was joined by his wife Kathleen at the Massachusetts State Lottery's Braintree headquarters on Thursday, August 20 to claim his $1 million prize (less taxes). The timing of their windfall was fortuitous, as the couple had recently saved money over several months so that they could take their two children to Disney World. The couple indicated that they intend to use their winnings to buy a new home and a new car.

Mello called his good fortune a blessing, having purchased his winning ticket following a visit to his sister's grave in remembrance of her birthday. The drawing took place that night and her birthday was the following day - the day he claimed his prize.

Mello bought his winning Quic Pic ticket at C & B Convenience, 500 Pleasant St. in Brockton. The store will receive a $10,000 bonus for its sale.
Barnes-Jewish Co-Workers Share $1 Million Prize
A group of 19 co-workers at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO will be sharing more than office space after they won a $1 million second-level Powerball prize by matching all five white-ball numbers drawn in the Aug. 12 drawing. The group, which works in the medical records section, has been combining their money to purchase Powerball tickets for the past four years.

The winners are: Mary Aubuchon, Lisa Bryant, Robert Campbell, Sandra Davis, Pamela Domian, Carnell Jones, Vikki Kellenberger, Catherine Kramer, Terri Mastis, Michael Meyer, Debbie Porter and Avis Scaife, all of St. Louis; Gail Regnery and Donald Secrease, both of Ballwin; Angela Thomas of Ferguson; Sabrena Dennis of Florissant; Amanda Bock of High Ridge; Janice Paulsmeyer of O'Fallon; and Lori Schobert of Belleville, Ill.

Terri Mastis, 53, purchased the winning Quick Pick ticket for the group at Circle K, 9311 S. Broadway St. in St. Louis, on Aug. 11. Mastis didn't realize they had won the prize until the morning after the drawing, when another member of the group checked the numbers and called her with the news.

"He called me at home and told me we had won - the moment was so surreal," she said. "When I got to work, everyone was laughing and hugging. I think we still can't believe it."

The group will split the jackpot evenly, each receiving around $52,631 before taxes. Mastis said the win will really help many of her co-workers.

"This win happened at a good time. A lot of prayers have been answered," Mastis said. "It couldn't have happened to a nicer group."

Mastis said plans for the winnings include things like new furniture, new cars, trips and paying off bills. According to Mastis, each member contributes $5 a week, and they play both draws for Powerball and one for Mega Millions. If the Mega Millions jackpot is high, they put in $6 a week and play both Powerball drawings and both Mega Millions drawings. Four or five of the group’s members take turns buying the tickets, and someone makes copies to check, while the actual tickets get locked up at work.
Jefferson City Man Wins $40,000 on Powerball
David Richards, 39, was just one white-ball short from winning a million-dollar Powerball prize on the Aug. 8 drawing, but that's not going to rain on his $40,000 parade. Richards purchased his Powerball ticket on Aug. 6 at Bee Line Snack Shop, 1100 Missouri Blvd., in Jefferson City, MO and used Quick Pick to have his numbers randomly selected.

The Jefferson City resident managed to match four of his white-ball numbers and the Powerball with the numbers drawn, which were: 9, 34, 48, 52, and 54 with a Powerball number of 15. By paying an extra $1 for the game's Power Play feature, Richards multiplied his $10,000 prize by four.

While claiming his prize at Lottery Headquarters in Jefferson City on Aug. 10, Richards recalled when he found out he had won his prize: "I was at a grocery store and decided to check my tickets on the machine. Everything kind of got fuzzy; there were a lot of zeros."

After realizing how much he had won, Richards left the grocery store and returned home to contact his mother and two sons with the good news. At the time of claiming, Richards planned on paying off bills and giving some money to his sons.
$70 Million Powerball Win A Long Time Coming
Patience is a virtue. At least that's the case for a St. Louis man, who after two decades of playing the same Powerball numbers - a combination of family birthdays - is now reveling in a big jackpot win. The special numbers picked by Tom Rea, 62, matched all five white-ball numbers, as well as the Powerball, in the July 4 drawing to win the $70 million jackpot prize. He and his wife, Cathy, claimed the prize at Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City on July 24.

"I've been playing those numbers every Wednesday and every Saturday for 23 years," Rea shared.

Describing what it was like to learn he'd just won a Powerball jackpot, he said it all happened when he returned to the gas station where he'd purchased the ticket - Gas Mart, 6901 Hampton Ave., in St. Louis. He just wanted to scan the ticket to see if he'd won anything, but within the span of a few minutes, the routine errand turned into a milestone moment.

"I put it in there, and it said, 'You won $70 million,'" he said. "So I wiped the ticket under my arm and tried it again. It said the same thing, so I asked the girl who was working there to check it for me. I told her I wanted to make sure my eyes weren't seeing things."

The store clerk verified that he did indeed have the winning ticket.

"She said, 'Oh, my God, mister. You won!'" he shared. "Then the manager came out and hugged me and shook my hand, and the girl was crying because she'd never sold such a big ticket."

From there, it was a matter of filling his wife in on the good news and, ultimately, securing legal and financial advice before traveling to Jefferson City to claim their prize.

So what's the best part about winning a Powerball jackpot?

"It allows for early retirement," Rea said.

"Relief. It opens up all new avenues," Cathy added.

When asked if he would continue to play his lucky numbers, Rea had no trouble coming up with an answer. "I haven't stopped yet!" he laughed.
Family reunion ends in $2 million win for Raeford retiree
Dorothy Myers was shocked to discover that her weekend trip to attend a family reunion would leave her $2 million richer.

"I'm just so shocked," said Myers, "I'm just really really happy."

A resident of Raeford, Myers is retired and lives at home with her husband. While the two attended a family reunion in Roxboro last weekend, Myers' husband visited O'Neil's Quick Stop on South Morgan Street. There, he purchased the winning $3 Powerball ticket for his wife by playing her usual numbers.

"I've been playing the Powerball ever since the lottery first came to North Carolina," Myers said. "I always play the same six numbers. For the first five numbers, I use mine and my four sisters' birthdays. And for the Powerball I use my mother's."

Although the tickets were purchased during her stay in Roxboro, Myers didn't realize she had won until Monday evening when her husband checked the numbers on the lottery's website. Her lucky ticket matched all five white balls in the July 4 drawing and, because her husband purchased a Power Play ticket, she won the $2 million prize.

"When I realized I had won I couldn't believe it," Myers said. "I had to ask my grandson to pinch me. We were just so excited. He said it was the most wonderful day of his life. I was so happy I couldn't sleep."

Though Myers is still trying to take it all in, she already knows how she wants to spend her prize money.

"Of course I'm going to set some aside to pay for college for my grandsons," said Myers. “"ut I’' also going to buy an RV for my husband. We'd like to go visit our old friends in Texas. I've also always wanted to go to Paris."

After federal and state taxes were withheld, Myers received a check for $1,385,000.

"I just feel so wonderful," Myers said. "It's just joy, pure joy. And I still can't believe it. It was just a wonderful weekend all around. I got to see cousins I haven't seen in 30 years. And now that I've won $2 million, this is just the icing on the cake.”
Virginia retiree celebrates July 4th with $1 million Powerball win in OBX
A Virginia retiree had an Independence Day she won't soon forget after winning $1 million in Saturday's Powerball drawing.

Angela Leyco of Chester, Va. drove down to the Outer Banks on Friday to spend the holiday weekend with her daughter. Just as she crossed into North Carolina, she stopped at the The Border Station on Caratoke Highway in Moyock to purchase three tickets for Saturday's Powerball drawing.

On Sunday, after the fireworks had ceased, the excitement continued when she learned she'd matched all five white balls but not the red Powerball to win $1 million.

"We stopped at the same store and checked the ticket on our way back up to Virginia," Leyco said. "When the clerk showed me the winning numbers and said I'd won a million dollars, I couldn't believe it. I wanted to scream, but I just kept smiling until I got back to the car. I kept asking my husband to pinch me because I knew it had to be a dream."

Leyco, a retired human resources technician, collected a check for $692,500 after state and federal withholdings. Her lucky $2 ticket beat odds of 1 in 5.1 million to win.

"I've always wondered how it would feel to come to the lottery office to collect a big prize," said Leyco. "I don't have to wonder anymore. It feels wonderful. I'm going to pay some bills, spend some on my grandchildren and maybe take a trip to Italy."

Russell Hastings, the owner of The Border Station, said he was happy for Leyco and excited that the lucky ticket was sold in his store.

"It's a great feeling," Hastings said. "It's certainly gotten a lot of folks talking around here and more people are buying tickets. We're a lucky store now."
The Florida Lottery announces that Orencia Barzey, 37, of Lauderhill, claimed the $80 million jackpot prize for the POWERBALL drawing held on Saturday, June 20, 2015. Barzey chose to receive the winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $49,566,294.92.

"I was very shocked when I checked the Lottery's website and the numbers on my ticket matched what was on the screen," said Barzey. "I don't plan on changing much about my lifestyle, but I do plan on helping my family with my winnings."

The jackpot-winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased from Best Value Food Store, located at 1040 Northwest 47th Avenue in Plantation. The retailer will receive $40,000 for selling the jackpot-winning ticket.
AZ Player wins playing Powerball
LuAnn Otto from Phoenix, AZ won $10,000 playing Powerball.
AZ Player wins playing Powerball
Louis Duran from Cordes Lakes, AZ won $10,000 playing Powerball.
AZ Player wins playing Powerball
Stephen Sapienza from Phoenix, AZ won $10,000 playing Powerball.
Porterdale mother of 4 books $1M Powerball prize
A Porterdale mother of four erupted with excitement, having picked up a winning Powerball ticket worth $1 million. Kimberly Little, 43, matched the first five winning numbers of the June 13 Powerball drawing, winning a $1 million prize.

"I was headed to the library to check out some books and relax," she said.

Bailey's Food Pride, 5890 Salem Road in Covington, sold the winning Quik Pik ticket.

"My first purchase is going to be my minivan," the lucky winner said.

Little also plans to buy a new home.

"It feels great, and I'm thankful," she said. "It's just peace of mind."
"Bubba's $1,000,000 Crew" from Amco Precision Tool in Berlin Claims $1,000,000 Prize from May 6th Powerball Drawing
Today 26 lucky co-workers from Amco Precision Tool Inc. of Berlin excitedly gathered outside their Farmington Avenue address to celebrate and receive their share of the $1,000,000 Powerball prize the group won on May 6.

"We've been playing together every Wednesday for nearly five years," said Michael Sokoloski of New Britain, the group's spokesperson and the one in charge of collecting the money and buying the tickets. "Everybody had the numbers, but nobody checked the winning numbers for two weeks. When I finally scanned our tickets in the ticket checker and saw 'CONGRATULATIONS $1,000,000 WINNER,' I took my glasses off and rubbed my eyes. I thought I was seeing things. I had the clerk check the ticket in the lottery terminal. When he confirmed it was a $1,000,000 winner, I couldn't believe it!"

After calling the Lottery's claim department to verify their actual winnings, Sokoloski took his time to prepare a special letter for the members of the Powerball pool. Then, with the details of their prize win in place, Sokoloski handed out the letters just before their morning work break to share the news. "People went nuts for an hour, hour and a half. Everybody was hooting and hollering," Sokoloski said.

As each winner stepped forward to accept their $38,461 share of the prize (before taxes), they spoke of their plans to use their prize money to pay bills, go on vacations, pay for their children's college education, or to buy or pay off a car. "Two people are buying houses and using the money to put towards a down payment. Me, I'm going to get new windows and siding for my house," Sokoloski said.

When asked if the group still planned to continue playing Powerball the same as always, Sokoloski quickly responded. "Absolutely. We're ready to win again!"

The group's $1,000,000 prize winning Powerball "Quick Pick" ticket was purchased at C&C Package Store at 1207 Farmington Avenue in Berlin. A lottery retailer since 1992, C&C Package Store owner, Dave Louro, will receive a $2,500 check from the CT Lottery for selling the winning ticket. "When I saw a copy of the ticket, I was just in awe of it and very happy. It feels great to have someone from my store win such a big prize," Louro said.
CO Player wins playing Powerball
Carmen J. from Longmont, CO won $30,000 with Powerball using the Power Play option.
CO Player wins big in Powerball
Milagros P. from Colorado Springs won $2 Million with Powerball using the Power Play option.
CO Player wins $20,000
Paulette M. from Commerce City, CO increased her $10,000 winning ticket to $20,000 by picking the Power Play option.
CO Player wins $10,000
Amanda B. from Denver, CO won $10,000 polaying Powerball.
CO Player wins $20,000
Barry R. from Denver, CO won $20,000 playing Powerball with Power Play.
CO Player wins $10,000
Richard E. from Lakewood, CO won $10,000 playing Powerball. This comes after he won $10,00 on a Sratch ticket last year!
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