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    $ 48.5 Million Cash Value
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Match 5 Bonus Prize Winners

The February 18th drawing was a record setting jackpot. In addition to the jackpot winner, there were 42 winners that matched the 5 white balls. Each Match 5 winner will receive the normal $200,000 prize plus a portion of the $19.6 Million Match 5 Bonus Prize Pool. For many the total winnings will be $667,142 and for those that chose Power Play the prize is even higher.

Intel Office Pool Splits Powerball Prize!
A group of 17 co-workers from the Intel computer chip and processor plant in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, have split the largest Powerball second prize won so far in New Mexico. The 17, who have dubbed themselves the “Fab 11X Sixth Shift Rocks” group, are dividing a $667,142 prize won by matching the 5 white numbers without the Powerball. (more...)
Ohio Resident Hits it BIG with Powerball!
Retiree, John Stratman of Hamilton, Ohio, was glad he traveled to Greendale, Indiana, to purchase a Powerball ticket for the record $365 million jackpot. As far as his $667,142 windfall for matching 5 numbers, he knows exactly what he is going to do with it.  He is sharing it with his wife, his daughter, and two grandsons who accompanied him to Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis to claim the winnings.   As for John and his wife's portion, they are donating that to the Shriners Burn Institute, a children's hospital in Cincinnati, where the Stratman's were active volunteers for over ten years. 
Illinois Man Glad He Buys Powerball Tickets!
Construction manager Vasilev Amaritan of Chicago, Illinois, says he‘s had trouble sleeping since he realized the amount he actually won thanks to Powerball's Bonus Prize Pool.  Amaritan had trouble putting words to the overwhelming emotions as he claimed his $667,142 prize. 

“I'm happy. I just can't describe it,” said Amaritan   The Chicago resident, who purchased his lucky ticket in Dyer, Indiana, says he plays Powerball occasionally when he travels to Indiana to check on his rental properties. 

Indiana Man Claims Match 5 Powerball Prize!
Jeffery Sylvester of Fowler, Indiana, claimed his big winnings from the Powerball drawing of February 18 at lottery headquarters in Indianapolis. He explained his take on the experience of seeing his numbers match up to all but the Powerball number, “It's just disbelief.  You buy a ticket hoping to win, but you just never expect to win.” Jeffery won by matching 5 numbers without the Powerball.  He received $667,142.
  South Carolina Match 5 Powerball Winners Come Forward!
Melvin and Phyllis Isbell, of Greenville, South Carolina, traveled to Columbia today to claim their Powerball® winnings from the Saturday, February 18th Powerball drawing.  Mrs. Isbell reported, “I was watching television, and he came through the door with the strangest look on his face and a piece of paper in his hand.  Then he said, ‘I need you to check a few numbers with me. I think I won the lottery” 
  Iowa Medical Lab Employees Presented with Check!
What was once a dream became reality for 20 workers at a medical laboratory in Clinton, Iowa.  After three years of consistently playing Powerball twice a week, Saturday turned out to be the group's lucky night. Each woman usually puts in $1 for every Powerball drawing, but the group bumped it up to $2 a piece for Saturday's record $365 million jackpot.  Beth Determan of Clinton bought the group's tickets on Friday.  Determan said she had a premonition the group would win something big just days before the drawing.  “I had a dream with my dad [who passed away seven years ago.]  My dad was handing me all this money and he won the lottery.  And I told the girls, ‘We're gonna win the lottery' and we won it,” said Determan.
  Two Powerball Match 5 Bonus Winners Collect in Tennessee!
Effie Wimley-Neal from Belvedere in Franklin County and Jason Knox from Dyer in Gibson County recently traveled to the Tennessee Lottery's Nashville headquarters to claim their Match 5 prizes. Newlyweds Effie Wimley-Neal and her husband Jim report, “we are going to help our church pay off their building fund and then we are going to join my best friend on a cruise to the Caribbean.”

Jason Knox plans to help his family and invest some of his winnings. “I've been interested in returning to school to pursue an MBA,” says Jason, “so this money will help with tuition.” Jason purchased his winning ticket at Old Hickory Citgo in Jackson.

  Kansas Woman Claims Match 5 Powerball Prize!
A 49-year-old Abilene woman has come forward to claim her Match 5 prize.  Linda Cheever won a $467,142 cash bonus in addition to the normal $200,000 prize for matching the first five numbers.  Cheever was all smiles today when she claimed her ticket at Lottery headquarters. “I wasn't really sure how much I had won until I got here,” Cheever said.  She stops almost every morning at a local retailer on her way to work to pick up biscuits and gravy and an iced tea.  She also makes sure she has tickets for every Powerball and Super Kansas drawing.  “I usually buy a couple of scratch tickets every day too,” Cheever said.  “It's like I always say – you're not going to win if you don't play!” 
  Missouri Pre-School Teacher Claims Powerball Prize!
A pre-school teacher from Lake St. Louis recently had two pleasant surprises after the record $365 million Powerball jackpot on Feb. 18. Jeri Whyte first discovered the night of the drawing that she matched all five white-ball numbers to win the second-level prize of $200,000. Second, Whyte found out the next day that there was a Match 5 Bonus prize due to the record jackpot, which would bring her total winnings of $667,142. Whyte and her husband, Jim, plan to invest most of their prize money. "We might fix up the house a little bit," she said. "We'll give some to charity. We'll share with some family members. I'll give some to my dad who owns a boxing gym in St. Louis County."
  Missouri Man Wins Big In Record Powerball Drawing!
A Carrollton man got a jump start on saving for his children's college educations when the Powerball ticket he purchased for the record $365 million Feb. 18 Powerball drawing turned out to be worth $667,142. Kendall Gladbach said he and his wife, Tamra, plan to use their windfall to get out of debt and put the rest away for their children's education. They have seven children between them. Gladbach said he had won $7 from the previous Powerball drawing, and he used those winnings to purchase additional tickets for the Feb. 18 drawing. It was one of those plays that matched the five white-ball numbers to win the game's second-level prize.
  D.C. Lottery Player Misses Millions by One Number - Mom's Birthday!
Frederick Richards of Gwynn Oak, Maryland missed netting a piece of the largest Powerball jackpot by just one number . Richards correctly matched all five of the white balls in the POWERBALL drawing for February 18. Richards used the Quick Pick option for the five winning numbers, but he picked the wrong Power Ball number – 9.  Instead, the retired chemical engineer did not follow the usual family equation and play his mother's birthday, 29, as the Powerball number. His Mom's birthday is 29 and it would have made Richards a multimillionaire.  Still, Richards took it all with a smile saying, “I just can't tell mom. I'll probably use the cash to pay bills and buy a new car, but I just won't tell mom about the numbers.”
  Win Is Family Affair In Tennessee!
Winning second place—or in this case, second prize—is “close enough” for a family from Oliver Springs, in east Tennessee . The group, officially known as the “Lucky 4,” claimed their prize that was increased by $467,142 due to a Bonus Prize Pool set in motion by the record-breaking jackpot. Four of the family members decided to pool some cash and purchase more than their usual share of Powerball tickets for the $365 million jackpot.  “People laughed at us and said we wouldn't win a dime,” said one of the winners. “Looking back, it's funny for me, and not for them!”
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