Press Release

Rondal Eaton

February 1, 2003


Rondal Eaton of Lebanon matched all the numbers from the Feb. 1st Powerball drawing to share a jackpot of $101 million. The other winning ticket was sold in South Dakota.

Eaton and his fiance, Roberta Claunch, visited Hoosier Lottery headquarters this morning with three of their children. Eaton and Claunch have been together for 13 years and plan to be married soon.

Eaton, 52 years old, works at Sanders Pre-Cast in Whitestown, building concrete walls.

"I've worked hard all my life and I'm ready to stop and rest awhile," Eaton said. "I don't want to shovel concrete anymore."

Eaton has played Powerball since it was first offered and always picks his own numbers.

"People would tell me I should have the computer pick my numbers," Eaton explained. "But I watch the drawings and see that sometimes high numbers are drawn and other times low numbers are drawn. I pay attention to that and then decide on my numbers to play."

He plays those numbers for both Powerball and Hoosier Lotto.

Eaton realized his ticket was the jackpot winner when Claunch read the numbers from the Sunday newspaper.

"He always felt this was going to happen," Claunch said. "We figured if we didn't win it we were contributing to somebody who would really need it."

Eaton and Claunch plan to use their money to help their family. Eaton has five children and Claunch has five children. They also plan to move out of their doublewide modular home and build a new home.

Enthusiasts of camping and fishing, Eaton and Claunch planned a vacation in Florida but may move up the departure date and may increase the time they will spend in the sunny state.

Eaton purchased his ticket at Speedway #1316 in Zionsville. The retailer will receive a $100,000 bonus for selling the jackpot winning ticket.

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