Press Release

"Happy Huskers"

October 25, 2003


Group of 16 Claims Share of Powerball® Jackpot

Sixteen school co-workers, who call themselves the “Happy Huskers” (the Holdingford School District’s nickname is the Huskers), claimed half of the October 25 Powerball jackpot. The “Happy Huskers” group includes fifteen kitchen workers and one custodian. The group’s single quick-pick ticket matched the winning numbers 6-17-45-47-48 and the Powerball of 4 to share the $190.9 million jackpot with a ticket sold in Indiana.

The winning ticket was purchased at Dahlin’s Supermarket, 106 Avon Ave. S. in Avon. Each group member contributes 25 cents every paycheck for Powerball tickets - enough to purchase one ticket for each of the four Powerball drawings held during the two-week pay period. The group has been pooling their money to purchase tickets since the Lottery began in 1990.

Group leader Donna Lange always posts the tickets on a school bulletin board prior to the drawings. The ticket was hanging on the bulletin board when Lange checked the winning numbers on Sunday morning. Lange recalls telling her husband, “The ticket is at work and unless I’m looking at the numbers wrong - we won it!” Lange then called her supervisor, Karen Overman, who is part of the group.

Overman said, “At first I didn’t believe her. As I thought about it, I realized, ‘It’s 7 a.m. on Sunday morning and the clocks have been turned back (for the end of daylight savings time) - she’s serious about it.’”

After completing paperwork at the Lottery’s Roseville office, the group agreed, “We’ll keep playing our quarter!”

The Happy Huskers members are: Donna Lange of Avon, Judith Feia of Avon, Roseanne Feia of Holdingford, Karen Overman of Avon, Nancy Vouk of St. Stephen, Kathleen Wohletz of Holdingford, Cathy Schulz of Holdingford, Alice Kobylinski of Holdingford, Barbara Nelson of Rice, Betty Hayes of Holdingford, Kathleen Welle of Albany, Elaine Schumer of Holdingford, Doreen Platz of Holdingford, Susan Breth of Holdingford, Mary Heitzman of Avon and Phylis Breth of Holdingford.

This is Minnesota’s 16th Powerball jackpot winner since Powerball began in 1992 and the first since Dec. 1, 2001. Minnesota has also had six jackpot winners of Lotto*America®, Powerball’s predecessor.


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