Press Release

Jon & Louanne Lashbrook

October 29, 2003


INDIANAPOLIS – The Halloween holiday will be all treats, and no tricks, for the Lashbrook family. Jon Lashbrook and his wife, Louanne, visited Hoosier Lottery headquarters today to claim the Oct. 29 POWERBALLâ jackpot of $10 million.

The Bloomington couple, married in 2000, worried about retirement but can now relax with the thought of taking home millions of dollars. Lashbrook decided on the cash option which will give him a one-time payment of $5,213,764 before taxes. He will officially receive the prize in two weeks.

Jon Lashbrook is a systems analyst for the State of Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development. Louanne Lashbrook is the Deputy Treasurer bookkeeper for Monroe County. She plans to stay in her current position to help during the upcoming tax season.

Jon Lashbrook has driven an average of 90 miles a day for years and his current vehicle has 187,000 miles racked up. He is looking forward to giving up those long rides.

“This has not sunk in yet,” Jon Lashbrook said. “We are going to take this one step at a time. We will pay bills, retire and travel.”

The Lashbrooks preliminary travel plans include an Alaskan cruise, trip to Hawaii and they love to visit Colorado and Florida.

Lashbrook realized he was the winner after seeing the media coverage.

“I watched the news and they showed the retailer,” Lashbrook explained. “I said, ‘I bought my ticket there. Maybe I should check my numbers.’ Then I told my wife, ‘You won’t believe this.’ She thought I was lying. I took my glasses off and checked the numbers again. I checked them ten times; I had her check them and then the next morning I checked them again. I thought, hey, if it doesn’t look right then I have to go to work.”

The news reported the winner might be a trucker on his way to California. Lashbrook just smiled when he heard that and said, “It’s not a trucker from California.”

The Lashbrooks were high school sweethearts who ran into each other 30 years later (with the help of his mother). They’ve been married for three years and between them have four children and eight grandchildren.

The winning ticket was purchased at Thompson Road Marathon #188 in Indianapolis.


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