Press Release

James and Rebeca Allen

November 5, 2003


INDIANAPOLIS – James Allen of Muncie benefited from both astonishing luck and faith in humanity before claiming the Hoosier Lottery’s third consecutive POWERBALL jackpot, $12.8 million, today at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis.

Part of Allen’s luck may have been that he is a Hoosier. His jackpot prize was the third in a row won from a ticket sold in Indiana, the only POWERBALL state out of 26 that has produced three consecutive POWERBALL jackpot winners. The other POWERBALL-selling states will have to race to catch up: Indiana has produced three consecutive POWERBALL jackpot winners three different times – in 1992, 1996 and again this year with Allen’s win.

Allen, a regular POWERBALL and Hoosier Lotto player, displayed remarkable trust in collecting his winnings. Rather than personally checking his tickets after each drawing, he often lets them accumulate and drops them off at a retailer to have the clerk scan for winners, returning later to collect his prize money. Evidently, Allen left his $12.8 million winning POWERBALL ticket with a very honest clerk. Even though the clerk could have claimed the winning ticket as his own without Allen’s knowledge, the clerk instead called Allen and told him to return to the store right away.

“He was shaking as he held my ticket,” Allen said. “He wouldn’t even take a dime as a thank you. He said at his business they are not allowed to accept money and he didn’t want to be fired.”

Allen added that the clerk did not want to be identified and does not work at the store where Allen purchased his ticket.

Jim and his wife, Rebeca, claimed their winnings at Hoosier Lottery headquarters accompanied by their lawyer. They chose the cash option, claiming as ALCO, L.L.C.

Jim and Rebeca, who have been married for 33 years, both have their own businesses and plan to continue working. They are devoted to the employees who depend on them for jobs. Some of the prize money will be used to pay off debts and upgrade their equipment.

This jackpot winning POWERBALL ticket was sold at Village Pantry #524 (3301 Morrison Road) in Muncie, earning this retailer a $100,000 bonus.


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