Press Release

Norman and DeAnna Shue

December 31, 2003

South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Today marked another important day in the history of the South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL). Norman Shue, 33, and his wife, DeAnna, 29, walked into the Columbia Claims Center with one of two winning Powerball® tickets worth $110.75 million dollars each!

The Shues, residents of Concord, NC, are the second South Carolina Powerball Jackpot winners!

The couple will receive $110.75 million dollars over the next 29 years if they choose to take the annuitized payments. Or if they chose the one time cash option, they will receive over $60.1 million dollars minus state and federal taxes.

Norman, who likes to be called ‘Norm’, was traveling through South Carolina on New Year’s Eve and decided to play for the big jackpot. He purchased $20 in Powerball® quick picks at Clover Shop & Save in Clover.

“The first ticket that printed was the winner,” said Norm. “And just think, the guys at work said I was wasting my money.”

The Shues did not watch the Powerball® drawing on New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t until New Year’s Day when Norm decided to check the numbers on the SCEL’s website. Once he realized an all points bulletin for the winner was released to the media, reality began to set in.

“When I heard them announce the name of the store, that’s when I knew it had to be true,” Norm said. “It’s so overwhelming, I can’t believe it’s real.”

As for Coit McCarter, owner of Clover Shop and Save, his store will receive $50,000 for selling the winning Powerball® ticket. “The selling bonus will go to the store’s general fund and the employees will receive a bonus.”


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