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Jacquelyn Moore

October 16, 2004


Jacquelyn Moore Of Omaha, Neb., Won Prize In Iowa In Saturday Drawing

DES MOINES, Iowa – Oct. 20, 2004 – The Iowa Lottery's latest Powerball jackpot winner said Wednesday that she has a convenience store clerk to thank for her big win, and she will thank her properly.

“I always said, ‘When you're in Vegas, you tip the dealer,' so I've got to give the clerk something,” Jacquelyn Moore of Omaha, Neb., said Wednesday at Iowa Lottery headquarters, where she claimed the $14.4 million Powerball jackpot from Saturday's drawing. “You cannot not give her something.”

Moore, 54, a mother of three, has worked for 25 years at a Kellogg's™ cereal plant in Omaha, where her main job is to make Corn Pops™ cereal. She said that the Jump Start convenience store in Carter Lake is a regular stop on her way to work -- and the regular spot where she buys Powerball tickets.

“I buy my gas there. I usually stop there and buy a paper and buy something to drink,” she said. “I just make it my usual stop.”

Carter Lake is a community of about 3,200 along the Iowa-Nebraska border in the Council Bluffs area. Workers at the Jump Start said their store gets traffic from both Iowa and Nebraska. The Jump Start will receive a $10,000 bonus from the Iowa Lottery for selling the jackpot-winning ticket in Powerball.

Moore said she stuck her Powerball ticket above one of the sun visors in her pick-up and didn't check it until late Monday. Before that, she admits she was growing frustrated with the as-yet-unknown jackpot winner.

“I kept telling my sister, ‘Why doesn't that idiot say something or do something?'”, she said with a laugh. “Well, I'm the idiot.”

The winning numbers in Saturday's Powerball drawing were: 5-20-22-36-42 and Powerball 11. The Power Play number was 2.

Moore said that while she often plays a set of numbers that are a combination of family birth dates and other numbers significant to her, this time she bought the easy-pick ticket that clerk Sheila Wright offered her at the convenience store. Moore said it has been fun to see people's reactions.

“I think my family has been more excited than I am. I called my sister yesterday to tell her and I think she's still screaming, ‘I can't believe it! You won, you won!'. And, I did get four proposals of marriage from co-workers,” she said.

Moore said Wednesday that she plans to continue working.

Moore's ticket was the 85th purchased in Iowa to win a prize of $1 million or more. She chose to claim her jackpot as a lump-sum payment of $7.9 million.

Moore said she has dreamed all her life of owning a black Porsche, and she just may buy one now. She also plans to pay off debt for herself and her family.

“Debt-free is No. 1 on the agenda,” she said. “And part of that debt-free is helping my family. And then, whatever we need to take care of after that.”

Moore was accompanied to the news conference by her son Jason Moore and daughter-in-law Vanessa Moore, both of Omaha.

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