Press Release

Peter Bapes

January 8, 2005


(Madison)—After two months of waiting, and rumors about shredded and discarded tickets, a Thiensville man this afternoon officially claimed the Wisconsin Lottery's $36.8 million Powerball jackpot from January 8th.

The ticket was in pristine condition.

Peter Bapes of Thiensville presented the Lottery with the winning Powerball ticket he purchased at Thiensville Self Serve, 301 N. Main Street. The $5 quick pick ticket with the winning numbers of 09, 11, 22, 24, 43 and Powerball of 02 was, he said, “bought on a lark.”

Bapes, 51, has chosen the $20.2 million cash option jackpot. After taxes, he will receive a single lump sum payment of $13.8 million. Payment will be made by bank wire within 10 business days.

For selling the winning Powerball jackpot ticket, Thiensville Self Serve earned a $100,000 commission, which it received shortly after the January 8 th drawing. Wisconsin Lottery retailers who sell winning tickets worth $600 or more receive a commission equal to 2% of the prize value, up to a maximum of $100,000 per ticket. Retailers receive the commission regardless of whether the associated prize is ever claimed.

Bapes has declined to hold a news conference about his Powerball jackpot. He told Lottery employees he was waiting to validate the winning ticket for family reasons.

Bapes is the state's 11th Powerball jackpot winner since the game began in 1992. The last Wisconsin Powerball jackpot winner was in July of 2000, when a Germantown mother and son claimed a $10 million prize.


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