Press Release

Brad Duke

May 28 , 2005


BOISE – Idaho 's newest multi-millionaire is Brad Duke, a 33-year-old life-long resident of Idaho . Duke won $220.3 million on May 28, 2005, playing Idaho Powerball. He scored the fifth largest jackpot in Powerball history and garnered tons of national attention.

When he picked up the winning ticket, a series of numbers he's been playing for years, Duke was a manager for Gold's Gym fitness centers in the Treasure Valley . Despite his prize, Duke plans to continue working because his biggest concern is staying grounded. “Obviously the role will be a little different now,” he notes.

So what will Duke do with his millions? Duke, the son of a waitress and salesman who, he says, struggled financially at times with their four kids, has a 15-year plan to turn his winnings into a billion dollars and set up his family for generations. “I'll make sure I take care of the people who took care of me,” says Duke. But also he plans to buy a nice car, a new mountain bike, build a house in the Boise area, take a trip with his friends, and meet his favorite band Metallica.

Before coming out to the public to claim the prize, Duke spent two weeks after his win assembling a team of advisors including a publicist, lawyer and financial advisor.

"He's a remarkably intelligent and analytical, cerebral kind of guy, and he's going to be, I think if anybody is going to handle this well, it'll be him," said Duke's publicist Ed Moore.

After taxes Duke will get about $85 million dollars in a lump sum payment. But he's not the only Idaho winner; the state will receive a lump sum check of about $10 million dollars in taxes and Boise Jackson's where Duke bought the ticket will get $50,000.

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