Press Release

Dick Sandlin

April 4 , 2007

South Carolina

Couple Claims $15 Million Powerball Jackpot Prize!

Dick Sandlin along with his wife, Colleen, arrived at the South Carolina Lottery's Columbia Claims Center 13 days after learning they held the winning $15 million Powerball® jackpot ticket. 

“I called my CPA and a tax lawyer before we claimed the prize,” said 79-year-old Dick, of Wilmington, North Carolina .  “I'm still dreaming.  I guess when I wake-up, I'll jump up and down.”

Traveling from their summer home in Florida, Dick and Colleen purchased lottery tickets in every state along the way.  

“We bought one in Florida; one in Georgia,” said Dick.  “When we were approaching the North Carolina line, I told my wife we needed to purchase a Powerball ticket in South Carolina.”  

“The ticket really should be mine,” said Colleen.  “He jumped in front of me in line.”

When asked what they plan to do with the money, “I'm going to buy a RC Cola and a Moon Pie,” said Dick. 

They chose to take the lump sum amount of $7.1 million before taxes.

“I'll get the seven and he'll get the one,” said Colleen.  The couple will be married 50 years in October.  They have two daughters and two grandchildren.

The Sandlin's plan to continue to purchase their lottery tickets in South Carolina.  They feel luckier in the Palmetto State .


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