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Barrie Edwards Family

August 2, 2008


14 Family Members Share Top Prize from Aug. 2 Drawing

MIDDLETOWNBarrie Edwards of Willow Street did not buy the Aug. 2 Powerball ticket that earned him over $42 million – he received the promotional ticket for free when he purchased two Pennsylvania Lottery Match 6 tickets. Now, Edwards and his wife are sharing their good fortune with a dozen relatives.

Secretary of Revenue Tom Wolf and Lottery Executive Director Ed Trees today presented a ceremonial check for $42,529,765.37, less 25 percent federal withholding, to 14 members of the Edwards and Funk families of Lancaster County, holders of the single jackpot-winning ticket from the Aug. 2 Powerball drawing. 

The families’ jackpot-winning ticket matched all five white balls, 02-05-28-33-54, and the red Powerball, 30, to win the jackpot, which grew over nine drawings to an annuity value of $86.3 million. The $42.5 million cash prize won by the Edwards and Funks is the 10th largest prize awarded in Pennsylvania Lottery history.

“The Edwards and Funk families weren’t the only winners in the Aug. 2 Powerball drawing,” said Wolf.  “Pennsylvania’s older residents benefit from programs funded by Lottery proceeds, and the Aug. 2 jackpot generated more than $6.2 million for those programs.” 

Barrie Edwards watched the televised Powerball drawing to learn he held the jackpot-winning ticket. He immediately ran to share the news with his wife, Jean, who had gone to bed.
Shortly after the drawing, the Edwards called Terry and Linda Edwards, Barrie’s brother and sister-in-law, to inform them of the jackpot win.

Barrie and Terry Edwards and family members have purchased Lottery tickets for years, and long ago they made a verbal agreement that if one of them won a large jackpot, the prize would be split among family members, all of whom are natives or long-time residents of Lancaster County. 

The family members to share in the jackpot prize are as follows:  Barrie and Jean Edwards of Willow Street, Lancaster County will receive $17,064,882.50;  Terry and Linda Edwards of Willow Street, Lancaster County will receive $17,064,882.50;  Robert and Elaine Funk of Mountville, Lancaster County will receive $1.4 million; Jeffrey and Donna Funk of Mountville, Lancaster County will receive $1.4 million; Melanie Funk of Lancaster will receive $1.4 million; Gerald and Lynn Hess of Davidson, North Carolina will receive $1.4 million; K. Scott Edwards of Lusby, Maryland will receive 1.4 million; and Ronald and Yvonne Edwards of Washington Boro, Lancaster County will receive $1.4 million.

The jackpot-winning Powerball ticket was a $1 quick-pick generated free in conjunction with a Lottery promotion. Barrie Edwards purchased two Match 6 tickets to receive his free Powerball ticket at the Turkey Hill store on Willow Street Pike in Willow Street, Lancaster County. Turkey Hill received a $100,000 bonus for selling the winning jackpot ticket. 

On behalf of the group, Jean Edwards presented the winning ticket for validation yesterday at Lottery headquarters in Middletown after consulting with legal and financial counsel. After examining the ticket and executing propriety security measures, Lottery officials confirmed that it was the jackpot-winning ticket from the Aug. 2 Powerball drawing.

The Edwards and Funk families are the 10th Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball winners since Pennsylvania joined the multi-jurisdictional game in June 2002.  Powerball tickets are sold in 31 participating jurisdictions – 29 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands.


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