Doug Miron

October 14th, 2009


Wisconsin Powerball winner: Hobbled but happy!

For a guy with a bum leg Doug Miron of Marinette, Wisconsin sure reacted in a hurry.

Miron had the only winning jackpot ticket in $31.4 Powerball drawing on October 14. That Wednesday night, when he learned he was the winner, he got so excited he jumped over his couch and hurt his leg. Yet he managed to get to the Lottery’s headquarters in Madison the very next day to claim his prize.

Still nursing a bit of a limp, Miron took part in a news conference in Marinette several days later. Dozens of family and friends joined him at the event at the City Limits store on Hwy. 180 where he purchased his winning ticket. Miron told reporters he has played the same two sets of numbers every week for years. The set he won with—5, 10, 25, 30 and 40—he said he chose because “they always just looked right.” The Powerball he won with—6—he was told years ago by a so-called psychic is his “cornerstone” number.

The combination paid off for Miron in October. The unmarried wood sculptor became Wisconsin’s 15th Powerball jackpot winner. He took the $31.4 million jackpot’s $16.7 million cash option and received $11.2 million after taxes.

Miron said he is going to keep working on his sculptures, but will first “take a little break.” He also vowed to keep playing Powerball.