Tara Ramirez Case Park LLC

February 25, 2012

New York

Hartsdale Powerball winner steps forward to receive $70,000,000 jackpot prize
Tara Ramirez, of Hartsdale, Westchester County, today received a $70,000,000 Powerball prize check on behalf of the Case Park, LLC, a limited liability company she created following the February 25 Powerball drawing that made her a Lottery millionaire overnight. The 37-year-old Ramirez is the company's sole member and benefactor.

The jackpot-prize winning ticket was purchased on February 24 at the Dairydel grocery and deli on South Central Avenue in Hartsdale. For its role in selling the top-prize winner, Dairydel will receive a one-time $10,000 selling bonus. A similar bonus is available to any New York Lottery retailer that sells a jackpot-winning ticket for a Lotto, Mega Millions or Powerball drawing.

On behalf of Case Park, LLC, Ramirez opted to receive the jackpot in one lump sum payment totaling $43,668,122 (net $28,899,563). When asked about plans for the money Ramirez said, "It will mean financial security for me and my family for many years to come."