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14 Harford County Co-Workers Split $50,000 Powerball Prize

The Powerball 14 office pool won $50,000 from the MD Lottery

Maryland – Every time the jackpot in Powerball or Mega Millions hits the $300 million level, “Joe the Brains” makes the rounds at work to see how many co-workers want to join his office pool.

“It’s a $5 pool,” said “Joe the Brains.” “I go around the office and collect from everyone who’s in.” For the March 20 *Powerball *drawing, 13 of his co-workers at a logistics contractor in Harford County joined him to form the “Powerball 14.” Lottery luck came their way that day. The “*Powerball *14” matched four of the five regular balls and the *Powerball *for a $50,000 prize.

“Joe the Brains” and “Matt the Muscle,” another member of the “*Powerball *14,” made their way to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on March 29 to turn in the paperwork for the bunch. “Matt” was there, according to “Joe,” in case anything happened like a vehicle breakdown or flat tire so they “could keep to the plan.”

Divided among the group, the $50,000 prize — minus taxes — isn’t a princely sum. However, as “Matt” and “Joe” point out, it’s enough for a family trip, to pay some bills or “get some crabs and have some people over.”

The office pool has won small amounts in the quest for a big score and their largest prize, until this big win, was about $32. The group plans to keep chasing jackpot wins because hitting for $50,000 is hardly a reason to stop playing!

“I’m probably going to stop on the way out and pick up a ticket or two,” said “Joe.” In addition to playing for the big jackpots, he also plays the occasional scratch-off game. His winnings to date in that venture have been $100 or less.

The site of the lucky win for the “Powerball 14” was Beverage Barn located at 3000 Emmorton Road in Abingdon.