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$50,000 Powerball Winner Thought Her Luck Might Be an April Fool's Joke

Tennessee Lottery Powerball Winner Stacy Reed

Tennessee – Winning $50,000 was a complete shock to Stacy Reed, whose husband encouraged her to check her Tennessee Lottery Powerball ticket the day before April 1, 2022. Even though she saw that the ticket matched four out of the five white balls drawn plus the red Powerball, Stacey thought of April Fool’s Day.

“I thought it could be a joke, but then I realized it was a little early for April Fool’s (Day),” said Stacey, who lives in Woodbury. “So, it began to sink in that it was real, and we just couldn’t believe it!”

The couple, who plan to pay bills with their winnings, is thrilled with the big win and appreciate that the Lottery funds a variety of educational scholarships. In fact, they said their daughter would be attending college with the help of a Tennessee Lottery scholarship.

The lucky ticket was purchased at Blackman Station, 2502 Blackman Road, in Murfreesboro, for the March 30 *Powerball *drawing.