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Bowling Green man wins $50,000 Powerball prize $50,000

William “Larry” Waddle of Bowling Green has mixed emotions after winning $50,000 on a Kentucky Lottery Powerball ticket. “I went to the store where I bought the ticket and the clerk said she couldn’t pay it out but didn’t know why. Then the manager said, ‘It’s probably a big payout’ and it was.” Waddle said. He had no idea but had matched four of the five white balls and the Powerball number to win the game’s second prize of $50,000. “I’m excited about the win but it’s also frustrating,” Waddle said. “The one number I didn’t match was 24 and I had number 42. If only those numbers were reversed, I’d be a multi-millionaire.” Had Waddle had the correct number, his ticket would have won him the $596 Million jackpot from September 16 drawing. “We’ll be hearing about that forever,” his wife Deanna said. “Or at least until he wins the big one.” Waddle called her after he found out he had won and said, “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. Bad news is we need to drive up to Louisville. The good news… it’s to get $50,000.” “We always play the same numbers made up of birthdays,” Waddle, a Vietnam veteran, said. “I was starting to think they would never come in and I almost did a Quick Pick instead. Good thing I didn’t.” Waddle and his wife claimed the prize the Monday following the Powerball drawing, when he walked away with a check for $35,750 after taxes. The couple just got married in August and plan to use the money to finish building a lake home.