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Family Plays Together and Wins Together

The Reuter family plays Powerball® together whenever the jackpot starts growing to large amounts. During a recent family gathering, someone mentioned that the current jackpot was nearing $1 billion, so the four couples pooled their money and tasked Sue Reuter with purchasing the tickets for this jackpot run.

Sue bought tickets for the Wednesday drawing but didn’t get around to scanning them until that Saturday. Using the Hoosier Lottery app, Sue scanned the tickets and was surprised to see a message stating she won and would need to go to the Hoosier Lottery’s Prize Payment office to claim her winnings.

“I had no idea how much we won,” said Sue. “I had to ask my husband,” she laughed. When her husband told her they won $50,000, Sue was shocked. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

While Sue’s husband locked the ticket in their safe, she texted her family members to let them know they won. None of them believed her at first, but they were all thrilled when they realized they really had won.

A couple of the family members plan to use their winnings for a family vacation or home improvements, and the others will put theirs in the bank.