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Maryland Couple Taking Home Third-Tier Powerball Prize

A jackpot-chasing couple from Southern Maryland missed a huge jackpot by one number in the Powerball drawing on Saturday, April 6. However, the fun-loving players are very grateful about their $50,004 third-tier win. Joseph and Sylvia Riley from St. Mary’s County only start playing the jackpot games, Mega Millions and Powerball, when a game’s jackpot reaches $250 million. Last week, the Powerball jackpot climbed to an estimated $1.3 billion, so Joseph made a special stop at Walmart #1981 located at 45485 Miramar Way in California specifically to get tickets. He purchased a $10 quick-pick ticket and later hid it in a safe place at home. The weekend arrived and the April 6 Powerball drawing had come and gone with a jackpot win reported in Oregon. However, there were three $50,000 third-tier winners from Maryland. After hearing about that, Joseph made sure to check the ticket to see if he matched any of the winning numbers. “I saw I matched four white balls and the Powerball and I got excited,” said Joseph. “I probably checked that ticket four or five times to be sure.” Confident that he won $50,000, plus $4 because he also matched one white ball and the Powerball on another line, the husband called his wife to take a look. “He told me we won $50,000 but I owed him money for my portion of the ticket,” said Sylvia, laughing. “He’s always messing around.” They then shared the news with their children. The couple claimed their $50,004 prize this week at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, deciding to split the prize equally down the middle.   Joseph and Sylvia told Lottery officials that they plan to use their winnings to help family members and to take a family vacation.