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Michigan woman wins $100,400 Powerball prize thanks to 'lucky mistake'

Michigan – A lucky mistake led to a Westland woman winning a $100,400 Powerball prize.

Linda Keyanchuk, 64, matched the four white balls and the Powerball twice - 10-21-30-43-63 PB: 17 - in the Aug. 8 drawing to win two $50,000 prizes. She also matched three numbers and the Powerball four times to win an additional $400. She bought her ticket online at

"I meant to buy a multi-draw Powerball ticket, but accidentally bought six Powerball tickets," said Keyanchuk. "I didn't realize my mistake until the next afternoon when I logged in to my Lottery account and saw I had won more than $100,000!

"It's been a crazy week. I've logged in to my account every day to make sure I really did win. It's been exciting thinking about what all of this money will mean for me!"

Keyanchuk visited Lottery headquarters Wednesday to claim the big prize. With her winnings, she plans to pay for an upcoming vacation, and then save the remainder.

"People like me just don't win money like this. It's unreal!" Keyanchuk said.