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UPDATE: June 9, 2021 Powerball Drawing Results

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UPDATE - 10:45 p.m. CT - June 10, 2021

The draw results for the June 9 Powerball drawing have been finalized, and the estimated jackpot for the Saturday, June 12 drawing has posted to

Retailers may begin paying claims on winning tickets from the June 9 drawing.

Thank you to our players for their patience. Again, we apologize for the reporting delay.

Previous Post - June 10, 2021

The Powerball drawing from last night is complete and winning numbers have been posted to the Powerball website. There has been a delay in finalizing the draw results that will allow the jackpot for the next drawing to be calculated and winning tickets to be paid. While the majority of jurisdictions were able to verify the number of winners in each prize tier quickly, additional processing time was required for one jurisdiction. While we apologize for the delay in delivering the information to the public, the additional time enables us to ensure that we are reporting the official and verified number of prize winners. Please hold on to your tickets, and we will let you know when retailers are able to make claims on winning tickets from the June 9, 2021 drawing.