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When This Retiree Brings Home the Bacon, He Really Brings Home the Bacon!

California – Willie Nelson – no, not that one – has been married almost 38 years and he knows a healthy marriage is a partnership. So when his wife asked him to go to the store this past Saturday (Aug 1) and get some bacon, he did. That good deed made him $110 million richer after buying a ticket and winning the Powerball jackpot from that evening's draw.

"I love Choice Market because they have the thick slab bacon with the rind on it," Willie Nelson said when explaining why he chose to go to that market. "I bought the bacon and then went back to my car and remembered I had an old Lottery ticket to check, so I got it and went back in." It was not a winner. "So then, I went back to my car again, but something inside of me told me to buy another ticket so I went back in a third time and bought five Quick Picks for the Powerball draw that night."

He finally went home with the bacon but left the Powerball tickets in his car. When it was announced that Choice Market had sold the winning ticket, a few friends told Nelson to check his ticket and yesterday (Aug 4), he finally did. "I went to my car and got the ticket. I wrote down the numbers and they all matched, he said. "(I) fell on the floor and screamed!" Nelson had a friend with him and upon seeing Nelson's reaction, he got worried and asked, "Are you having a heart attack?" To which Nelson replied, "No, I just won $110 million!"

Willie Nelson and his bride plan to take their prize and be "on the road again" soon and see the world, visiting some of the countries they haven't visited yet: Africa, Australia, etc. And Nelson has his eye on a pet project he saw recently. "I saw a Studebaker I want; I think it was a '47."

As stated, Nelson bought his ticket at Choice Market, which is located at 5001 South Western Avenue in Los Angeles. Choice Market will receive a retailer bonus of $550,000 for selling the jackpot-winning ticket.